Is this something I should be concerned about?

Zkittlez auto flower seedling in blue solo cup is growing steadily but has a slight lime/yellow tinge on some of the newer leaf edges.
Is this a sign of a nutrient deficiency or something of that nature?

For comparison the Gorilla Glue seedling is in the orange solo cup and looks a more solid shade of green.

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It’s just normal variegation: it will sort itself out.


ok thanks.
for the past few days i had them on 24/0 light in a humidity dome bc they were dehydrated.
now that they’ve returned to normal should i take them out of the dome and put them back on the original 18/6 schedule?

They look big enough to pot up and stand back haha.

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lol dope i’m putting them outdoors so i’ll begin hardening off

I had a similar thing happen. Meet Midori

I can’t find a pic on this device of her just popping out but she was a full yellow seedling.

Here is what she looks like now, after two flushes, regular feeding from the 4th week (so early because I flushed the soil very early) she is even taking 3/4 doses of open sesame.

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damn she looks great now tho bro props

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Thanks. I am unhappy with my lst, but that’s on me not her.

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would you say the mistake was made when you flushed her at such a young age?

No I do not, I made a mistake in how I watered her as a seedling

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how would you have done it differently?

i think i’m getting some nutrient burn on the zkittlez seedling as the newer yellowish leaves are sporting some brown tips now

I had the same thing happen recently. It appears to be the genetics of the plant.

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I watered her from the bottom up in hot soil using distilled water. Straight distilled water.

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seems so. she looks good tho, do you know the strain?

oh okay glad to see she’s fairing better now

Mine is a White Widow autoflower.

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