Is this smokeable?

First time growing autos. I think I made every mistake there is! Plants were in a grow tent with LED lights and I think a combo of overwatering, still air and cold got to this plant.

Wasn’t sure but I decided to chop it early after reading about bud rot and root rot. Leaves looked healthy but buds were going really dark brown, almost black. Soil was waterlogged. Now it’s drying it doesn’t look so bad…?

Hempenfever, sad to say myself I wouldn’t since you said the buds were almost black. For me,

Do you have a picture of what she looked like pre dry because it looks like natural purple instead of the dingy brown of bud rot

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Than you! Forgot to say it’s an indica dominant strain and I’ve only ever grown sativas before. I might have been misled by the darker colour. But still… it didn’t look great. It does smell amazingly good now though which is why I was in 2 minds about smoking it!


You panicked for nothing you just had natural purple variety like this devil cream she’s totally smokable though she’ll be a lil weak from early harvest


Wow! Good to know. Thank you. About to start another grow. Will not panic and chop anything this time!

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Hempenfever, is that the same bud, before your description, that bud looks very smokable once it’s ready.

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GreenSnek, Devil Cream, please share info. Kush strain? looks good.

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Yep it’s one of sweet seeds dark purple kush decendants, I’m gonna do their bloody skunk and red strawberry banana in my fall grow , but currently I’m doing a fastbuds purple lemonade and it’s just now showing signs of turning purple too( they also have BlackBerry natural purple)

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yeah same bud. very small plant and I chopped the whole thing. I have another one still growing (planted in the vege patch). Will give it plenty of time to mature and not worry about the colour.

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I agree with the others, but would probably trim at least the larger leaves off now. It’s getting into humid season for most, and you probably don’t want leaves hanging over buds while drying. That could potentially hold excess moisture in and cause problems.


GreenSnek, purple kush, going to look into that strain, as well as Skunk Kush, very interested this strain. We did a Strawberry banana last year, just my opinion, and it was ok,one of the weak strains out of 12 different strains, outdoor grow. Vemon OG kinda looks like your Devil Dream. Ty for the information

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