Is this setup ok

Hi i want to finde out if this will do for my cannabis plants

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What kind of lights are those ??
And can you post dimensions of the box.

One is a florescent th other is smaal ones are led and the last hanging on is a uvb

The diameter is 91 by 190

I mean as you can see it will grow a plant , but the question is will it flower ??
You will need more light to get anything close to a decent harvest. And the floro needs to be within 4in of canopy to be of any assistance.


What do you recomend i do becaus the plant on the bigest plan is starting to flower

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Well you could #1 invest in a $65 marshydro 300w led and it would be ok with 1 plant, or get 2 and it would be plenty of light for a 2x3. (Guessing really, don’t know the conversion into feet… USA)
Anyhoo or you could spend 165 for a ipower 600watt mh/hps dimmable air-cooled hood. And have plenty of intensity for all stages,and have a solid lighting system.
But be aware that with the ipower 600watt or any hid lighting comes a lot of heat which you are gonna have to exhaust outside the grow area @bb2219


@bb2219 welcome to the forum
@Nug-bug has given good advice youll need more light for flower for sure
ill be watching tag me if you have any questions but nug has you covered at the moment

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Ok thx will look what i can do thx alot for the advice

Hi gyse so i got som other lights i want to find out if it is better