Is this setup good to start growing


Hello all , i wana know if the two CFL’s like in the picture is ok or not do i need to add more lamps ,i keep them outdoors in the morning and indoors after the sun is gone


How much sun do they get? And at what temps ?


@Sam.X so are you saying they are under light in and outside 24/7?


No they are like 12 hours sun and 6 or 8 hours in lights and the temp in morning is around 28 c to 22 c and at night when i put the to sleep at night its 19 c to 16 c i live in north Africa Libya and the weather is perfect now for growing but i have an issue with the pots getting too hot if i leave em in the sun for all day



She looks fine to me. :wink:


Yes she is :blush: i wana know if the lights will make it grow more or should i just keep it outdoor in the sun ?


If she was mine… I’d just leave her outside. I’ll be interested to hear others thoughts tho, Especially if there’s some science behind it. Compared to the sun I think your CFL’s are a drop in the ocean, that said, I’m just winging it so please wait for those in the know to give you informed advice. :wink:


Thnx for the advice @Powaforce ,the next 3 days will be cloudy i guess i need that expert advice on the lights if its enouogh to keep em for 3 days under


Hey @bob31 @Nug-bug @Caosred, what do y’all think of @Sam.X using those 2 CFL’s too extend his daylight hours? Will yield be better then the extra elec bill increase? Or do you think the difference will be negligible? I was wondering if using both sun and CFL’s might cause either stretching or maybe even hermi issues? Could one of you please tag someone in the know if your not sure. Thanks all :wink:


Sure I don’t see why not,longer light duration equals more energy for the plant. And if you can have enough cfls close then there shouldn’t be any stretch
Oh just read back , even in the partly cloudy, overcast would be more than enough for your plants.
If heat is a problem try shade cloth during the hottest part of the day, and they make stuff to help the plant deal with heat better also. @Powaforce @Sam.X


Thanks @Nug-bug. Greatly appreciated


I’m all about more light. Remember we are optimal at between 50-50 watts per sq foot! (Actual wattage

@Powaforce @Sam.X


Why not can’t hurt give it a go


Thank you all for the good advice god bless you all