Is this seedling nute burn?

This seedling sprouted a week ago and I decided to add nutes two days ago. This is the result after spraying the root riot and plant with the ph’d nute water. Is this nute burn? Should I remove the nutes?


Looks more like lockout to me? But seedlings show problems in a not so traditional way.

Can you explain what type of medium you’re growing in?


I’m thinking your in DWC/RWDC with the clay pebbles if so nutrients have to be fed from day one. Foliar spraying is something I’m not familiar with, I know when I splash nutes on the leaves and don’t catch it I get discoloration and brown spots on the leaves. The plant looks good keep the nutes in the bucket Happy Growing.


I would avoid spraying unless necessary to treat bugs or mold. It invites more problems than it could possibly deliver in benefits.

Your seedling looks pretty healthy.


Thanks everyone!

It’s a root riot in clay pebbles - Hydroponics setup.

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Only way to grow! IMHO :grin:

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