Is this seedling diseased?

I just started this GDP seedling and it has a fuzzy stem that I have not seen before on any other starts. Is it doomed from the start or fairly normal?

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Those are roots forming.
Plant it and bury it deeper to cover them.
Looks great otherwise.


Thought that might be the case but Im a relative noob. Thank you, I’ll act on your advice.


I’m with @Spiney_norman on your baby. She looks fine @Spiney_norman

It’s time to get her potted. What is your next pot size? You could use a medium size pot at this point.

If you haven’t already spend a few minute and check out your potting options.

5 Fabric is a good size to finish up in.

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Bury her a bit. Looks good.

I usually transfer to a 3" pot, then transfer to a 5 gallon to finish. I have had 3 successful grows (2 plants each time) and I learn more each time. Last grow I successfully topped my plants for the first time. I have never produced those giant buds that people rightfully brag of, but this time I am doubling the light. I know a lot of people who have just gotten med cards and buy their product, but growing is so much more satisfying IMHO. Thank you for your input, always appreciated.


Get those umder soil straight away so they can grow

Looks good to me…let her do her work