Is this seed viable or am I wasting my time?

I had this seed in water with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide, and it sprouted in about 24 hours. I left it another day until it had a bit of a tail and transferred it directly to soil.
I waited 7 days and it never popped up. I figured it wasn’t going to happen and thought I would take a look for curiosity’s sake. I carefully took it out of the soil and even though it hadn’t grown, it still looked okay.
Just for kicks, I transferred it to a moist paper towel, folded over and put in between two plates. It is in a room that is 75 degrees Fahrenheit. I waited 4 days, and it still looks the same.
This morning, I transferred the paper towel to an open baggy, another method some people use.
If this seed doesn’t work out, it’s fine as I’m just experimenting and learning. But, I’m wondering - at what point should I give up on it? Should I be trying anything else?

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It can sometimes take up to 10 days for a seed to pop. You should just leave it in the soil, it still looks good.

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Thanks! I’ll move it back today.

Time to start a new one. A healthy seed will hatch in a few days. Once it hatches, it should keep growing.

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make sure that baby is in a warm humid enviorment!

If you have a way to check the PH of your water, it wouldn’t hurt. I once had problems with seeds that would pop and never develop. Turned out it was very high PH.

Thanks. I am using distilled water that has been dropped down to a pH of 6.5.