Is this Root rot or dyed roots

Changed out the water last night Temps 65-75 water temps 68-72 using botanicare nutrients had the water an inch from net pot… noticed brown dirt like discoloration near the net pot on one of them but figured it was from the clay balls… woke up this morning now all of them have a little bit of discoloration… hoping its just the new nutes at a slightly higher dose (BOTANICARE)… added 3ml of extra hydrogaurd to each bucket dropped the water level and put a bigger air pump

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You can take like a gallon of ro water and a cup of 3% peroxide mixed together. Soak the roots for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse them off real well with water before putting back in nute pot. Also do u use hydro guard in the bucket

What kinda system u have set up?? Just a bucket auto pot??

Ya just 5 gallon dwc buckets