Is this revegging?

Can someone tell me if this looks like its revegging on me? It’s Amnesia haze auto and already had trouble cuz I had to put it in 12/12 for 2 weeks to get it to start flowering. I was told to put it back in 18/6. If it’s reverting back to veg should I just keep her in 12/12 to get flowering back. There are white hairs growing but it looks weird.


Autos flower on their schedule, not yours. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Would have stuck with 12/12. But yes, looks like she’s revegging. Sure this is an auto? It’s acting like a photo. How long has she been back to 18?

Yeah I checked bag and it’s auto. I had put her in 12/12 @ 1/8 and by 1/23 she started her yellow hairs. I asked if I should leave her in 12/12 or back to 18/6? Suggested to 18/6. Just leave her in 12/12 right? She started 11/1 and it’s 2/16 now. Will she be able to bud still or what??

Mine is doing the same! PITA plant that’s driving me nuts.

Yeah, just keep at 12/12. She will flower again.

K - thanks. Just when you think it’s going fine, something has got to happen, no? Just some more knowledge about growing is the way I got to look at it!

She looks nice and healthy anyhow so good job :+1:t4: