Is this ready to harvest

Or should I wait 2 more weeks. The plant is 13 weeks old and in the 6th week of flowering. The trichomes are milky from what I can see. This is the main bud. The other buds are still forming so if it looks like it is ready, I thought I would stagger the harvest on this plant. What do you think?

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looks ready to me…you can see the ambering with the naked eye even.

Ambering of the trichomes or pistils?

the trichs

I can’t see them but my vision is bad. I just ordered a 60x jewelers. But if you see them great. I don’t want to cut too late. Now my question is the other buds on this plant are not so ready so I am thinking about staggering the harvest. Should I flush now?

sorry man…I am new here…my last grow was in 1984 or so…I am still learning about this “Flushing” concept myself…someone who can actually help will be along soon though I am sure, lol.

I don’t know because the pictures don’t really show what I would need to see but judging by 6 weeks I would say Give It 2 more weeks

what strain is it and what does the breeder say how much time excetera …can you get any better pictures ?

you can pay short bucks for a little magnifying glass and then you can answer that every time and know right when it’s ready !

If you wanted to you could take that bud in the picture and start drying it if you’re out of smoke ?
-good luck

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You know I am thinking that flushing should be done. Then I can go back to the nutrient schedule for the rest of the plant. And then move the plant closer to the light source. Like you this is my first grow since 1990. I had a book and remember reading that staggering is okay to do.

I received my 60x and still see clear trichomes. Just a few. No amber. I am continuing to grow until all trichomes are milky but no amber. That would put me right on schedule. She has just finished her second week of overdrive and next week I will do the flawless finish. I don’t know what strain because I did not buy them from a seed bank. They were from a few seeds that I had from street marijuana. I don’t like the couch lock. So I was thinking about cutting the bud bud decided to wait. Good choice because the buds are exploding. So yes Paranorman it certainly does need 1-2 more weeks.

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