Is this ready to be hung to dry?

Is this ready to hang to dry I feel like I always pull too early but this autoflower has been going for 12 weeks finally but I don’t wanna pull it too early.

What are her trichs telling you?

What do u mean?

What do they look like? Are they clear, milky, or amber?

The trichomes all look like this so still unsure.

The zoomed in pics are the trichomes

You’ll need to take a close look w/o the blurples.

Like this, my girl that will be harvested Tuesday. Pics taken using my S10 and a free macro camera app:


Now I understand thank you yo! Last question man I have 3 300 w led lights for my lights will my buds get bigger and trichomes if I just get a standard 1000w hps

The HPS has more actual light wattage, while the blurples each are probably closer to 100-130w of actual power draw from the wall, with some of that going to the fans. People grow successfully with both, it just depends on getting the right Par/ppfd/etc. I honestly can’t explain the exact details about how the 2 compare, watt for watt, but @dbrn32 will probably have some solid info for you

I have personally found that 560 watts of actual draw Blurples is perfect for a 2.5x5x7 tent. That 560w breaks down to 2x300 Galaxyhydros and 1x600. I get thick, tight buds, and very little larf.

After this grow, however, I will be replacing them with QB lights. I have a tent already growing with them and I have no complaints.


Thank you and by chance what’s the macro app called

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HD Camera Pro 2019

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Which lights do you have?

You still have white pistols. I’d give them a couple of weeks and don’t forget to flush before you harvest. Remember the dry and cure is the easiest thing to screw up and ruin your beautiful sweet buds so get ask others what they do and how they do it. Just saying

Yeah I figured two more weeks and then a week of flush then hang to dry for around 3 weeks or until stems snap then I like to leave my baby in a mason jar for about two weeks before smoking. Thank all of you for the inputs.

You need a pocket microscope, you’ll never see them on a phone if you’ve never looked at them.