Is this ready to be cut down


Is this ready for havest?


I think so, but that’s me. Looks good.


It depends on what type of high you want the tricomes look mostly cloudy


There is a lot of brown there as well


I’m new at this but I’ll cut mine when they look like yours :blush:


I have to say yes because I harvested ones that looked like that. :slight_smile:



Can we all have some?


I bet @Anagy650 takes a nap after sampling a bowl.


I like couch lock so may leave them till the weekend.


What do you think @garrigan65 @ktreez420 leave them a little longer for a couch lock affect


That is one good picture you got there!
Depends on what kind of meds you want. Right now it looks like it would be very energetic if those are all milky colored. For optimum potency I would wait till you see more rosin glands turning amber color.

If you want a super sedating couch lock high wait probably another week or so. Don’t really know how long into flower you are. How much of your pistils have darkened? Percent wise looking over the whole plant not just one bud.



Great pic. You have at least two more weeks to go. I was at this stag onlt two 1/2 week age and did my harvest the other day. I tww weeks they should look like mine did in tthe pic i just posted



What do we think about splitting the stem? @garrigan65 @Snowman.


I did it last grow and I will be doing it again my girls all frosted over and plumped up real nice


Day 77 since flipping to 12/12. Pistils 80%Orange
Blue cheese


GI’ve yourself 5-6 days before harvest then do it 3 days after you do it us when I noticed the biggest change


By splitting the stem do you mean, driving a nial through the plant? If so… I have never done this before. I have seen people do it but I’m not sure about if it works or not. When I try to stress my plant at the end of budding. I try to do what nature does, gets cold and less light per day!

Can’t remember if you said how you’re growing?
Indoors, outdoors?
Soil, pot, in ground, hydro?

P.s. when you harvest don’t do it after a long day of light. Harvest in the mornings.

You should post some more pictures


Little bit longer wait till there’s more amber in em


@Snowman I’ve done it several times stem splitting it does work imo I will say this once done your definitely committed to harvest lol
I would suggest you give it a try what do you have to loose if you have two plants same strain going try splitting one not the other :+1:
Happy growing :v:️CB


@Countryboyjvd1971 is right , that’s the only truth you can truly trust . Test it your self.