Is this ready for harvest

Thanks for the advice guys. But what is the desired humidity level in the room for the plant to dry evenly and fast?

About 35-45% but absolutely make sure you have great ventilation, and not a problem that’s what we’re here for

Hey Will you got me confused now,
. If I remember correctly you don’t like couch lock high so ya 3 4 days should give you about 75% Amber which I think would be what you want. Heck You’ll be fine…
Won’t that make it a lot more couch lock, and won’t the thc be less? I’m not trying to bust ya balls or anything, I need to go to sleep but can’t, started taking some steroids today for back.

Tlkbear your fine my friend. Your right about me not liking choich lock. But i was for two of my friends.

Oh thoughs dam things…steroids I was on them for a week and had to stop taken ng them. I would be up all night to


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