Is this ready for harvest

A question from a fellow grower:

Can I request you to have a quick look at the pictures attached and tell me if the plant is ready for harvest. I planted it on 25th Oct 2015 and it started flowering on 25th Dec 2015. So it’s currently in 7th week of flowering. It’s a kandey kush strain, which said 100percent sativa when u bought it. I’m growing semi indoors in my balcony.
Can I harvest it by the 14th of Feb? I need to go on holiday from the 19th of Feb, so it’s kind of urgent to harvest it and dry it by 19th, before I go on leave for 2 weeks.

You should be fine tho get her by the 14tg

Yea I’d wait for the 9th or 10 week, your trichomes are still mostly clear I’m doing a kandy kush right now to only mines a little fella, and kandy kush is usually right around 9 weeks (63 days) safe to say what kind of effect are you going for couch lock it uplifting euphoric. I would not harvest now you may get a disappointing harvest, if you harvest give it atleast another week minimal so they can turn milky and cloudy and you atleast get max potency, all the white pistils on your bud show that your buds are still growing amd producing

Going for sativa high wait til trichomes are milky/cloudy. So id say about 10-14 days and you should be good to chop the lady down

Everyone always says look at the tri cones but everyone knows you need a microscope to look at them SO watch your pistols your little white hairs when they turn 70 /80 percent amber and start shriveling up :slight_smile: very nice plant !!! :slight_smile:

He needs to get a 60x600 microscope there not so expensive either.
Useing the scope is far better then checking pixels far better. Going by the pixels is just what it is " Guessing " and I’m sure he don’t want to be doing that with such a nice plant that he has there.
But leaving it unattended like that isnt good at all.


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Well blow up the pictures and you can clearly see the glandular trichomes already turning Amber…I’m not really guessing I actually took the time to blow up the pictures and look them over, I do agree with the 60x100 jewlers loop or something with that magnification, for a verification

Ok will do thanks…


That’s the only reason I stated what I did lmao other wise I agree with you 100%

I can see the amber in the first pic but not the others. Its just gota be his call. If he’s leaving and not comming back untill some time in march. I would have to pull them. Why come back to plants all screwed up andgone to hell …right ?


Right makes sence, that’s why I was throwin ? Out an idea to get them in the next week or 2 let the hairs finish changing, hands down it’s way better to use the jewelers loop or a scope with 60x100 magnification rather than watching hairs lol, but hairs is an easy alternative to checking. You know if there is no white hairs then chances are your good to harvest lol, otherwise I highly advise along with every one else get the scope or jewelers loop lol

You see thats what I was saying and I quote " Chances are " and thats what im saying why take chances… but ya he should wait till the day before he leaves for trip then pull them ladies or lady… trim the big leaves off maybe as much of the small ones to and hang that woman maybe being gone that long try to get rh around 40 % what do you think that way it wont be dried out completely when he returns. Boy this is a hard to call when they decide to leave town…lol


A shame to chop it cause of no water…2 weeks is too long, tho. No one at all available to care for her?
A sativa, it could go 2-4 more weeks, easy, but not with 2 weeks of neglect.
It does look nice. If you do it sooner, you’ll always have that “woulda,coulda, shoulda” done something different.

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I’d chop in 10 days and nice man not bad for no nutrients she looks nice

I agree with you brother 100% I have no arguements there

And that could be happening because your leaves uptake photoreceptors and photosynthesis so any thing in sugar leaves will Amber first and any thing on the legitimate flower will take longer to produce because they are made up of thousands of calaxys, and they don’t harness quite as much energy as the sugar leaves

Well you did say about 60% that total different now I would wait. Its the 5th of Febuary wait till the 8th or even the 10th you should be a good 80% amber and cut and hang trim off the large leaves wait 3b more days then trin all thefine leaves then ait 4 more days then it should be ready forbags or mason jars then you’ll be all set when you leave …just have your friend come by and open your jars for awhile each day and when you get homen you’ll be smoken boy…lol


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Hanging the plant is easier and saves time my opinion hang the branches individually so it doesn’t hold moisture while trying to dry and also drying before it goes into mason jars takes any where from 7-10 days (usually 7) and 2-5 weeks in cure (usually about 3 1/2-4 1/2 provides the best smoke and high

Yup thats exactly what I was saying. About seven days hang. Time mabe a little more just dependes on humidity. If I remember correctly you don’t like couch lock high so ya 3 4 days should give you about 75% Amber which I think would be what you want. Heck You’ll be fine…When I jumped in this thread I was like that song by Elvis…" I’m All Shook Up " lmao didn’t want him to loose such a nice plant.


Hahaha lmfao that’s good stuff buddy and 4 days sounds about right for his effect depending on humidity