Is this ready for harvest? Hardly any amber

Wondering if this is ready. Best pictures i can give you with this crappy phone. Its ilgm white widow. Says 56 to 75 day flower. This is at 63 right now. The buds look like they are past ready compared to my first 2 harvest but the only amber is very little on the sugar leaves. Its just not changing yet how the other plants ive grown have. Some opinions what to do would be great. Thanks


@JustGrowIN_0NE hard to tell from the pics. We need to see the trichs on the bud, not the sugar leaves. Based on the pics you put up you’re either there or very close depending on the high you’re going for.


Very nice , She looks to be in the window to chop . Maybe water only for a week and go for it. Good luck :v:


Looks ready to me. That will get you very high. Amber is a choice and not a head high. Unless wanting sedation those look ready. Just my eyes.


Shes beautiful I know everyone trys to get it right work weed or ill just sit here and smile. Not knowing enough gets me in trouble but i heve discovered in my harvested plants I enjoyed the smoke and smell and all that but what I found is the girls that were the best the little hair coming out of the Calyx is brown or dead. Like I mentioned still new but have probably grown 150 girls the last 18months learning as i go patience is a virture. My little scope from Amazon takes the guess work out also. Digital Microscope Wireless Pocket Handheld USB Microscopes, 50x-1000x Zoom Fixed Focus HD Magnifier with LEDs, Inspection Camera Compatible with iPhone, Android Phone, MacBook, Windows PC (Black)




Wow I would love to see her trichromes under a microscope


Based on appearance, I’d say you’re in the harvest window


You can try to dial back the lights a little bit and drop the temp. Simulate end of season growing conditions, maybe she will ripen up. I do this the last 2-3 weeks, I believe it helps push them a little to finish.
Good luck, they look delicious friend! It’s really hard to tell without seeing the trics under magnification.
Good luck

Get Growin!

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I waited an extra two weeks after I thought they were ready. The flowers almost doubled in size near the end. I’m glad I waited. “The waiting is the hardest part” I’d wait for a few ambers or a least not too many clears.


I couldn’t wait, so I took a tester, today. I will wait and try for your awesome results.

Good Growing to you!

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