Is this Re-Veg'ing or Foxtailing?

i think it is.
how do i correct it?

upon further research it seems this might be foxtailing?

light leaks? maybe.
tent has pinholes that i noticed, here and there. but it is located inside garage…that stays closed 90% of the time.

my wife opens door to drive her car in/out on other side. but that only remains open for a minute. twice a day, and the second time, is usually after dark time anyway.

the light bulb on garage opener stays on for a couple minutes after that. but it is way on other side.

on the opposite side of garage, from where her door and any potential light getting in. is where tent is. on the far corner of tent,…along the side is where i have 3 openings for 6" vent duct. but those opening are filled with ducting. and only a small gap remains. i can see, when lights are on in tent…and off outside, that some light escapes through those vent openings. but again, garage is dark except for a minute or so.

too much N? doubtful. but possible.
with the SuperSoil mix. the plant is supposed “have what it need when it needs it”. so i dont really know if too much N is even possible, or how to correct if it were. and i have so far only noticed wierd appearance on 1 plant.

heat stress? very doubtful.
temps never get over 77. RH 36%-42%
top of plants = 18" from light.

so. need lil’ help here. do i have a problem? is it correctable?
today is day #58 of 12/12. it looks like i have another 2-3 weeks before ripe.

if it is foxtailing, i understand this can sometimes be a trait of the genetics and nothing can be done.
if thats the case…how will effect yield/potency?

ill try to post more pics.


Fox tailling can be genes and I suspect that the minimal light leakage you speak about would have no real impact short durations and hardly usable for the plants

If you have not reverted back to Veg light cycle; It cannot be revegging. :slight_smile:

thats good to hear.

looking around at symptoms online can lead to endless confusion. much like looking on for a minor rash…everything = cancer!

so, the sprouts popping out of top are nothing to be concerned about? i can take more pics in a couple hours…the little sprouts seem to be extending above the calyx now.

ill post pics in a bit

so at the tops,…little sprout popping up. not all buds doing same thing, only a handful have weird leaves popping out.