Is this purple or bud rot? Grand Daddy Auto from ILGM

Grand Daddy Purple Auto from ILGM. 80 days since germination, 42 days since flower start. I’ve never grown a purple variety. The plant appears and feels healthy. Is this what the strain should look like? Lots of cloudy trichomes. No amber trichomes. Grown outside in 3 gallon pot. Bud rot?

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That’s a good question
I’m tuned in

I thought “that doesn’t look good “ but you got me wondering if that’s normal

I thought it looked like rot but I don’t know
Can’t wait to see

Hopefully it’s fine

(But I think that’s rot :disappointed:)

Here’s another one from the same batch - same age. Rot or healthy?


What do you think? Bud rot?

Doesn’t look like bud rot.

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Thank goodness

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Agreed, looks like genetics but closer shots of the buds would help.

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First one had me but I would not think that the whole plant would be rotted out

Closer look at bud


Wow that’s pretty
You should have led with that


Thanks Mr Wormwood. Closeup shots using a tripod with a $25 clip on macro lens for my iPhone.


Like @CygnusX1 said genetics.

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I hope my GDP fem looks like that.


Thanks folks!


Hey mate check inside the bud. Open up have look at stem section. If any brownish, easy to pull off,webby lookin stuff. Cut it out. I’ve found strange lookin leaves 1 off amongst bud usually have the crap underneath. Especially in the biggest fattest ones. Good luck

Give that leaf a tug. If it fall out easy??? Look more. :+1::australia:

Welcome to the community @FourString ! I see no bud rot , nice color on your plant.

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Don’t want to be the pessimist only I suffered this sh1 t a bit. Hope all is awesome. Look like be tasty nugs.

Checked out the buds this morning. I gently separated the buds and looked closely at the stems and connection points to the bud. No bud rot. I tried to pull leaves from the bud and they were tight and did not dislodge. Even the few discolored bud leafs were tight.

Thanks again to all who chimed in.


I’m so happy my first hit reaction was wrong
I’m so happy for you