Is this preflower?

oh man, sorry to hear it. i was dreaming about putting a greenhouse up but i don’t know jack about how to manage one.

its a constant monitoring job, temperature, humidity ,MOLD and the Feds in sky with choppers and drones but when the old trichomes amber up, its worth it.

ps, my next seeds come from Mr Bergman and his Autos

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that sounds stressful. i just think “hey, free sun”, but probably costs more to control the environment. the mold has to be worst… you make it so far almost to the end and then that. pretty sure that’s how my outdoors are gonna fare. it’s so humid here, i didn’t know any better. and supposedly the blueberry can take a really long time to finish up.

contractors were just here to eye up the world’s smallest addition. first thing they saw, buried in my garden and weeds, were the autos. i guess now i know they smoke, too. LOL. at least i can tell them now why i really want the room built off the back and why oh by the way i want some exhaust vents built into my bedrooms. i was trying to figure out a legit reason for wanting duct work running outside haha.

tell them you suffer from Asthma…

its only logical ( i guess) that a strain that comes from jungle / humid conditions should be able to have anti-mould weaponary in its DNA…This strain maybe of interest to you… Kumaoni Regular Seeds from Nepal.


haha, no they were actually kinda psyched, it was funny. i’ve known these guys forever and they’re all the church going, no alcohol, work 12 hours a day, 6 days week kinda people. i was surprised and it made me laugh when their eyes went right to the plants. assuming we go ahead with this build, i have a feeling i’ll be dealing out propinos in bud.

i’ll check that strain out, thanks. I bought a bunch of seeds before thinking this through so going to see which ones might stand the best chance outdoors in a second run. thinking if i can time harvest for mid/late october, the buds should miss the absolute worst of this. maybe a stretchy sativa? i just like the indicas better.

and one doesn’t really need closets, right? i may need to plant some autos indoors now that all these seeds rolled up on my doorstep. i’m running out of real estate. and money.

ah regular seeds… i can only do autos outdoor. too much light pollution and i basically live in the ghetto- would attract too much attention from the alley dwellers :slight_smile:

do a google for…moldresistantstrains.

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we are in the same position, I also am seriously of putting a second crop after this years fiasco of a summer…its foggy,wet and I have my winter padded shirt on…INDICA for me all the time

yuck. what region are you in?

I was just doing the math and trying to figure out when to put the next round out. it’s still miserable here in august, but surprisingly the BB and Ahz seem to be doing perfectly in veg. They’re pretty big, though I have nothing under my belt yet to compare. but thinking if i can time flower for sept to october, it might work out, but i’ve never really paid attention to humidity that time of year.

Northern Lights are supposedly more mold resistant and I have two more ILGM seeds. also picked up a Glue Gelato auto that is as well. may give those a go.

i am overlooking the atlantic from western wales

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that sounds LOVELY.

the mold spores think so…seriously , its heaven when the weather behaves itself …where are u ?
i agree about northern lights…its a no-fuss strain.

DC, east coast of the US, literally a swamp. zero views of anything nice.

NL is supposed to be more cold tolerant, too, so maybe pushing the plant date back will be the key. won’t help my crackhead problem though, but hopefully the fence gets reinforced in the next week or so.

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and now the werather has turned into full blown summer here and I ain’t got a bean in the soil…sheet !..I got no beans either, its a two long week deliverey to me …the horror !

tick tock! i understand the stress of it all :open_mouth: god speed, young beans!

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I don’t know what nutes you use but I’m sure there are silica additives for everyone’s style of grow. I started using Rhino skin today. supposedly it’s supposed to help with mold - but of course you read the advertisements and they’ll cure everything from deficiencies to polio. I use Nuke’em on my outdoor plants for pests (organic) and that also says it helps with mold.

I reckon the thing to do is deliberatly set out to CREATE MOLD on our plants and probably end up with none !

LOLOL. that is TRUTH.

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this is the word on mould

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Day 46 and I’m not sure the AHz is actually in preflower. the blueberry is moving along, but the AHz and NL look like they’re still growing. is it weird for an AF to veg this long?

here’s the top of the blueberry. they’re buried/hiding in a weed bed so full pics look really confusing.