Is this preflower?

Hi all, this is my first grow so not sure what stage we’re in. I have a blueberry, amnesia haze and a northern lights that have to be close to flower if not in flower in a very FUGLY outdoor grow.

We’re a few days into week 5 (Day 40 from sprouting).

Blueberry AF- feeling pretty confident this has started. If so, do I start the Bloom nutes now or give it a few more days? Due for a feeding today.

Amnesia Haze AF. I"m not so sure.

Norther Lights AF - to call it a runt is an understatement. I don’t know what to think… pistils?

early days

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I do see pre-flowering pistils which indicates that the plant is mature enough to start flowering at any time. Because you are growing outdoors, you must wait for the end of summer for photo-period plants.
If your plants are photo-period (not Autos), then they will start transitioning to flower when the nights get long enough. In the northern U.S. that would be mid-August plus or minus.


thanks, these are AFs. Is that little pistle (3rd pic) a sign that even the northern lights is in the beginning phase?

Do I switch nutes now? Tx again.

You’ll want to continue feeding growth nutrients until stretch is over. On the nutrient bottles there should be a transition from growing to blooming


I think that they are all getting close to flowering. With autos (which I have never grown), they will do what they do when they are ready to do it. You have very little control over their schedule.

Having never grown autos I am not sure when to start flower nutrients but I do think it is a bit early for that. Some experienced auto growers will have a better answer for you.

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OK, thanks. Will continue the course and I"ll have to buy more. Sigh. There aren’t any transition periods on the bottles that I see, just veg and bloom. Using AN Coco Sensi. I feel like I’m throwing good money after bad, but who knows, maybe these plants will surprise me.

Can’t tell how big they are from the pictures but they look healthy

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I started a grow journal that hasn’t gotten much love, but it’s not the most exciting grow in the world. The climate here is rough and I tend to attract every pest, virus and bacteria known to plant kind in the back yard. Throwing out my entire container garden this week.


my best advice to you is to study/read the GUIDES above as; trust me on this, you need to know stuff if you want to sucessfully grow pot down the years…the penny will drop when you get high from your own grow…but have fun…remember, there are no disasters only knowledge gained.

thanks. i’ve read them, but when the time comes first time around for anything/everything it’s easy to have doubts and nice to be able to reach out and ask advice/confirmation.


Ask questions when in doubt we all have them from time to time. Those are pistols on the northern lights she’s just a little behind the other 2 ( different strain ) I have 2 plants with the same pistols on them right now

Thx. I didn’t realize preflower lasted this long. they’ve looked like this for awhile now.

Wat month is it

here is the growth cycle for autos:
vegation stage - 3 weeks
flower stage - weeks 3-12

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It’s day 41 since sprouting. timing is certainly right. i was just expecting things to go BLAM once flower started. seeing pics in grow journals and in person are different.

I harvested today and I germinated the seeds ( Auto Afghan / Kush in a greenhouse ) on the full moon in February…it sure is a waiting game, but its the best game. :hatching_chick:


oh that’s exciting! good harvest?

this game is going to teach me patience, even if it kills me. I have my firsts photos indoors and the grow was unplanned and therefor not well executed initially… the long veg time to catch up is killing me.

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Patient’s grasshopper

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uh not really…i managed 4 plants out of 15 seeds…so kinda crap as i grow in a greenhouse for a years supply and I doubt if the weather is going to hold up…its back to the drawing board for me.