Is this Powdery Mildew

This is my first time growing my own marijuana and I need some help. The pictures are of a purple Hindu plant I grew from seed and I think it might have Powdery mildew. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks danib!

Does it wipe off fairly easily with your finger?

Salutations Danib,

Spontaneous recourse to a microscope in order to launch this thread certainly makes sense but i was hoping for clearer evidence like foreing filament structures spreading around a spore or similar. Perhaps that same strategy was used before by others and if so then there should be more snapshots to compare with. Meanwhile lets hope large-scale hints as suggested above may suffice to provide more confidence about what’s next…

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol:

It does not wipe off very well. It is like a crystal web. Like it has been shipped in sugar.

This is the whole plant. For reference. Once I get home tonight I can take a better picture.

Could it just be tricomes forming?

This is what you are looking at I think. Like HornHead pointed out.

Thank you all. I was starting to worry and wanted to remove it if it was mildew. I will keep close watch on it. Thanks again

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What are you using to check the trichomes. That’s an excellent picture. Did you have to stay right on it or from a distance. I’m a first time grower so not sure. Thanks

It is a wireless microscope off Amazon.

In the cigar world, cigars can mold. It does not wipe off easy at all. In fact it will leave a stain on the wrapper of the cigar. It forms when it has high humidity and high temps.

But that doesn’t look like mold on the zoom in photo. I maybe wrong.