Is this Powdery mildew?

Is this white mold? I’m really hoping someone will tell me I’m wrong🤨

I don’t see anything. Where exactly are you talking about?


Maybe from a different angle or closer would help.

Are these in the ground or in pots?

Air circulation around the plants?

As young as that plant is you can correct it if it is. If it is mildew it will wipe off and you can mix some h2o2 and h2o and spray the plant

They are in the ground. I’ll probably spray them just to be safe. Can’t hurt. :thinking:

Dun go doing what is NOT needed. Yet!

I dun see no stinkin mildew. I do see a water spot on the first plant. No issue there. It looks really good.

***The second plant is curling leaves…too much nutes. That one might could benefit with a couple of plain ph adjusted water flushes. Again…no stinkin mildew.

Suggest your life will be easier if you keep ALL the plants same strain for each grow. Different strains will grow and act different. Sometimes it will get too complicated and lead to less than max results.
Find one strain you like, are comfy growing and stick with it.

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I don’t see any mildew and I agree with @tanlover442 next two watering do plain ph water and ck the run off

All good advice here keep it green

I have white spots on my plants’ leaves too and little black dots. (Their shit-visible under the leaves.
In my case it is caused by Thrips. They are almost invisible you need a microscope of 60x to see them.
I get rid of them with cold pressed NEEM oil and black soap (olive based.)
Even 2-3% solution of Neem oil will get rid of them. Spray leaves in evening. Neem oil is natural, good for plants as food and natural pesticide so you won’t hurt them.
But you can easily spot the damage

Thanks for the good advice, I’m over thinking, just like I thought. Haha. I will use the kneem oil. As I’ve got those tiny white spots all over.