Is this powdery mildew? No it's Spider Mites!

I’m not really sure and I dont want to treat for something thats not there.

Looks like the start of it to me unless you’re using DE.

Are you talking about the little spots on your leaves ??

Wpm looks more like dust then spots
Can you post a picture of the whole plant

How old is the plant ? And where are the effected leaves located

You in pots or in the ground

@Countryboyjvd1971 Yes I am talking about the little white spots. They don’t just wipe off. The plants are 125 days old. Heavy into flowering. These are in 5 gal buckets outside. The spots are on the top leaves of the plants. idk It could just be trichromes. They really are starting to resin up.
I have had to trim off two of the tops because of bud rot Basically I think because the buds are so thick and the humidity has been high. I am now bringing them in at night because of the heavy dew lately also. Trying to keep all of that moisture off. This is my grow thread. ILGM Blue Cheese Fem 2018


Looks more like a bug issue… :wink:


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Looks like Spider Mites to me. Check the underside of the leaves first thing when you see spots. Most of the time you will find pests on the underside of leave.


Bummer!! I am so far into bloom that I really don’t want to spray anything on my plants thats going to ruin the taste of my smoke. This is my first experience with spider mites. I have read that wiping the leaves with a mild soap solution will take care of them. But what about my buds? I know the plants have at least 4 weeks left to go.
I cut off a leaf to put under my digital microscope and I saw one of the little bastards running away from the light of it. Definitely Spider Mites. Can I save my plant this far into bud???

You could use predatory insects if available

I wish i could. There’s nothing like that around here.

You can order ladybugs online

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So I’m sure you could order what you needed

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There is also a product called (green cleaner) that you can use right up to harvest and it won’t hurt anything or make anything taste funny… it’s a lil expensive but a little gos a long way… if I was in your shoes I would get some asap… :wink:


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Hose the plants off. The spider mites can easily be washed off and follow it up with a mild peroxide and water solution: 1 tablespoon per gallon. I also believe spinosad is used on spider mites too and it’s fine for flowering plants. Look for “Captain Jack’s”.

Mild soap (Dawn) and water will also kill them.

It’s something you’ll have to learn to deal with because you will never get rid of them.


IMHO (in my humble opinion) on the white spots you have dust. It is outside, it rains, there is dew, there is pollen and dust floating around, and it sticks to water drops on the leaves.

On the buggies, check with a pro.

Thank you, Thank you, everyone!!! This place has the greatest members a grower could ask for.

I had been freaking out all morning. Thinking all my hard work for the last 4 months was going to hell.
Before anyone had responded I went to my local store and bought some “Safer” Bug killer. I went home at lunch time and put my plants under the awning out of the sun and gave them a good dose under the leaves and from the top down. They were dripping with the stuff.

Being new at this sort of problem the whole time I was wondering if I was doing it right. But I figured doing something was better than nothing. After all they are super gorgeous plants.

So my next question is did I do the right thing? I know the product is organic and will not hurt my plants. But, should I have waited until dusk? I did take them out of the sun. "Safer also says to repeat the process in 5 days. Does that sound sufficient?

I wish I had washed them off first though. That’s a great idea.

I also bought 1500 Ladybugs. lol This is war and I have the big guns working on it. lol

Any other su

ggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks again everyone!!


You could also try food grade de pest dont like walking on it its like walking on broken glass for them ive been treating my plants with it all year

I will be buying some green cleaner just in case. Are you sure you don’t work for the company😁

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I’m positive… I got some girls in all stages right now and I use it as a preventative maintenance program… dont see much of anything these days since moving to rdwc with neoprene collars… I dont have any media… just water and roots… but I still spray no matter what…

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I had to harvest early because of bud rot. After examoning some of the nuds i still noticed some spider mites. What to do now???