Is this possible with 14 hours of daylight outside?

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This is my Strawberry Kush and it’s flowering with 14 hours of sunlight left, we’ve had cloudy days and they are 2 months old. I have the FF trio pack should I start giving them the Tiger Bloom? I need suggestions on everything that I can do. Thanks.

Thanks for the comments. Their feeding chart says don’t use Tiger Bloom until 12/12 and we’re a month away from that in the USA. I can’t figure it out.

I ordered just feminized no auto’s. I wonder if I could of gotten the wrong seeds? Thanks again.

I’ve had plants that bloom early like that. You can’t delay the flowering, just give her what she needs, and you should get some early bud!

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I have grown outdoors here in New England a few times.
For me , 12/12 outdoors is September 22 but my plants always start flowering in August, over 1 month ahead of the equinox.

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Should I start giving them the Tiger Bloom in your opinion? Thanks.

Mine just started a few days ago and we’re in the same time zone.

Sure! If she’s flowering, put her on feeding for flower.


OK. Thanks.

Thanks. That’s the problem Idk. I’ve been feeding with Grow Big and and Big Bloom twice a week and then a flush then repeat. I’m wondering if I should start using Tiger Bloom or not.

Yeah, here it is.

Yes definitely use it dude! If she’s flowering she’ll want the Tiger Bloom. Consider this week 5 of the feeding schedule.


The plant doesn’t care about any schedule on a box or website. They tell you what they want, you have to read this to give them what they need. Schedules on packaging are more of a guide under ideal circumstances.


I’m in upstate NY , I grow out doors, where are you growing? how old are your plants?
I did the same thing buying Fem White Widows and not Autos, I did buy Fem Blueberry Autos (3) have 1 left growing
Your plants look good.

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Thanks. 2 months old, Appalachian mountains North Carolina.

I’m in Tennessee, probably pretty near you @EarlyPearl

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Yeah, we could probably throw a rock over the hill and hit each other. LOL!

It’s a small world.

Thanks.I appreciate it,