Is This plant worth it?

Apologies in advance if I am in the wrong place…

I put this in the beginner category, though I have done several grows, but it seemed like the right place - if not please direct me to where it should go… - thanks.

I cloned 2 White Widows, and somehow the timer got off a bit and one of the two clones went to flower, so I have been running the LED’s** 22 hours a day, and it seems to have “recovered” from flower, but now has this bizarre look. (One Leaf?). So the question is - is it worth it to keep growing it, or should I just let it go. Any ideas welcomed. I included one shot of the “healthy” one. I have have them in Fox Farm Ocean Forrest soil, and pH the water to 6.6, no nutes yet. LED lights on 22 hours a day (** the LED array is a square - SanSun/UniFun, from China I presume, but they have worked in the past, so I do no think the light is the problem, but…). :slight_smile: They have a small fan for circulation, but I do not monitor humidity. I am in Silicon Valley, and our humidity is usually low…can’t think of anything else to add…
THANKS for any and all help!

That’s what they look like when they go back into vegetation mode. Should start looking normal in a few weeks

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From what I understand the single leaf means you successfully reverted back to veg. Nice job don’t give up on her

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@Bobbydigital and @Greenthumb443 have you covered. That’s normal reveg growth. You’re good to go. She’ll probably end up extra bushy like a monstercrop clone.

Three Thank YOU’s…I will see where she takes me!

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