Is this plant starting to flower

This is a white widow auto flowering plants, she is about 30 days young since sprout. There are 6 places on plant that look like this, I think to early for flowering. I water with about 1/2 gallon of water daily, I am using flower power grow fertilizer every 7 days, 2 times so far. The little lady lives outdoors at 5000 ft elevation. The last week has been 90 to 95 degrees f and 67 in the nights.

Is it starting to flower


30 days is just about right for an auto. Yes, she’s starting to flower.


Another picture not so close


Ok, you say normal. I am late at using nutes only 2 times with grow so far, when should I switch to flower?

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By the way thanks for your reply

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Your Ladies are into flower.

IF you want max harvest, time to start feeding Bloom schedule nutes.

Remember, auto’s lifespan is fast…very fast. Might want to consider diluted nutes and feeding more often…depending on type of growing media and of course the heat.

@tanlover442 @New_to_the_game that us where most people make their mistake at with autos. Autos flower and grow at same time, so at the onset of flower, continue with grow nutes until the stretch is over. You can add some bloom nutes as well, but when people see first sign of flower with autos and start using bloom nutes, that’s why you end up with smaller plants

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Thanks for the advice

You can start adding bloom nutes now, but keep using grow nutes as well.

Thanks again

So when would you suggest they stop the veg food? How long into flower?

I think I will give veg for another 5 weeks, but I will start adding in some bloom next week

Thank you very much I’m in the same position with my auto & a newbie grower. I stopped give them the grow solution when I started giving them the bloom about a week and a half ago.

or maybe I should just stay with the bloom? It’s Dutch Nutrients. Thanks for any help.

I think I would give them a mixture of both, but I am a newbie as well.
Great looking plant though, it’s exciting

I would give 1 more pure veg feed and then next feed half veg half flower, 3rd feed full flower nutes.


Good call @mountainman1

What @mountainman1 said will work just fine.