Is this plant skinny?

First time grow need some advice on its progress
it has been 4 weeks now from germination.
17 inches tall is it normal size for 4 weeks or small?


Shes okay. Better lighting would do wonders. As well as maybe nutes if she isn’t getting any. Really all sorts of conditions. But she still looks good.

I am using a 180 watt advanced led grow light about 24 inches above her with 2 cfl 45 watt lights below the canopy. sitting in a 25 gallon pot, I feed her every day when I water her the ppm meter reads 600 PPMS I am keeping the room at 75 degrees using a humidifier at 60% light cycle is 18/6 made a co2 container with the output in front of the small fan, and another larger fan about 2 feet from her.
If you have any ideas to help me increase her size and health I would be grateful.

I think I tracked down the light your using my recommendation is dropping it down to 1.5 feet from canopy 2 feet has pretty meh par values for veg

@learntogrow The main stalk will become thicker if the fan is gently swaying the plant (don’t turn fan to GALE setting). 25 gal seems like a huge pot to correctly feed and water. You’ll need to make sure you take readings from different parts of the pot if doing runoff readings. Knowing when to water is more difficult for sure. You may want to consider topping her.

@learntogrow I missed the part where you said you feed her EVERY DAY? Be careful with that… even with small feedings. Plants need time to assimilate nutrients before they can use more. I don’t know how you’re feeding and what nutes you’re using, but if they’re liquid non-organic nutes, you can easily get a build-up of salts that is NO BUENO for your girl. By the way, a silica additive and Cal-Mag will both help with the strength of your stems and branches.

Thank you I will get the products you suggested today.

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