Is this plant readying to harvest?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Is this plant readying to harvest?
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The pictures are not the best in quality to judge
They are a bit blurry and i can still see some white pistols as well
Best way to judge harvest is by looking at tricombes under a pocket scope 30x or better or a jewelers loop

Clear not ready

Cloudy or milky thc at it peak more of a head high
Amber thc is converting to cbd more amber more couch lock

Planting should be done at first of grow season. Some will start plants indoors…then move to outdoors when warm nuff.

It’s gone about as far as possible. all the pistils are red and dried.


I’m also after the same info…indoor grow…first time with autos…question is…how long do you think iv got left?

Hello @Deano37 Welcome to the community. Although on my first grow, I have gone through this stage as well. I see lots of white pistils still. Based on that, probably several weeks. However, each strain is variable and do different things.

My Blueberry autos are celebrating a birthday today - 10 complete weeks of flowering (14 weeks total since breaking soil). They are still not ready. Most pistils are brownish, but the trichomes are still very clear.

Do you have a jeweler’s loupe or other magnification to see trichomes? That will be your best method of determining harvest.

Looking good. Keep going!


Thanks Bro…appreciated…iv a pair of magnifying glasses coming on Sunday to check my trichomes…think she has a 2 maybe 3 weeks left going on the replys! :sunglasses:

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