Is this plant ready to harvest?

it’s an outdoor plant.


Beautiful! If you can post a single picture we can zoom in and see. The 2nd one looks closest.

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Just judging from the pistils, I would say not just yet. The pistils, I think, should be a bit darker.

But then again, it all depends on what kind of stone you like. Milky trichomes = energetic, heady stone and Amber (dark orange) trichomes = more narcotic, heavy stone.

When I zoom in on the last pic, I see a lot of light green or white at the base of the pistils looking at them from the side.

I would suggest to read a little bit about checking these trichs and deciding when the right harvest time is for you. I would also suggest you invest in a small handheld microscope to see them up close.


Looks like she needs a little more time, but she looks :+1: great

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She’s still to young for harvesting. Maybe this will help you.


Ahh thanks for all the input! thank god i didn’t dig it up today… :weary::raised_hands:t2: I did notice the trichomes are milkey and not colored yet! I was judging by the Orange hairs. :weary: The fan leaves are starting to yellow at the bottom, and it’s starting to get colder outside… Hopefully another week will be okay?

Yellowing leaves is normal. The buds are stealing all their nitrogen. If they all yellow and fall off, that means less to trim! But collect them and you can make cannabutter.

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Fan leafs have little to no tricons, and during fall leafs change color,