Is this plant okay?

The weeks old and had always looked like it’s growing slow and droopy. I’m growing in coco coir Isiah the Canna line. Also, it’s just a bag seed so I have no idea what strain it might be. Any advice.

Thanks in advance

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It looks like an overwatered plant. But don’t trust my judgment, I’m a 100% newbie - I’m terrified of soil because I’m a notorious plant killer from overwatering. I’ve had many a houseplant that looked a whole lot like your plant does now - perhaps there’s an expert on coco lurking though who may know something I don’t.

I don’t think I over watered as I wait for the put to be about half it’s weight before I water again.


Are you feeding that plant nutes??


Yes, the Canna coco line.

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Maybe I have no idea what I’m saying as I grow outdoors …but I think that seed has all it needs for the first 4 weeks of its life
I’m also a first time grower this year

These are 3-1/2 moths old sprouted April 5th

Never gave them anything until 4 weeks old and fox farms trio, cal mag ,Ph down,Peroxide and ph’ed tap water is all

To me yours look over fed? But what do I know ? Lol just trying to help

They are short because I top them to keep them that way …lol still criminal here

Ughhh sorry to keep editing but bag seed also as you know …could be poor genetics too …I’m not familiar with the nutes you are using so I am sorry if I’m wrong!!

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No need to be sorry. Are you growing in soil? If so, they wouldn’t need nutrients for the first month of growth. I’m growing in coco which has nothing in it for the plant at all.

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Lol my bad
Then yeah I’m outta my league lol
I’m in soil …

@Hellraiser grows in coco so he might have some insight on your issue

The leave definitely look like they are screaming something but we might have to wait for hellraiser to tell us what

This plant is one week older and also bag weed and looks much better on the same diet.

I love the structure of the one plant, it’s just those wrinkles in the leaves that has me concerned

I’m wondering if it needs a bigger pot too? Just spitballing till the pros get here

I just transplanted a few days ago but its looked like that most of its life. The leaves also are a lot wider than the other plant, could that just be the strain?

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Yeah that’s just genetics in general on wideness

I’m assuming that’s organic coco with amendments?? If so you’re good with plain PH water for several weeks. She looks over fed as in nutrient wise, most that display the dark waxy leaves are a sign of too much nitrogen. Do you have the means to pull a run of test to check the nutrient level and PH of the coco? PH pen and TDS meter? I would start there. At 3 weeks and if you haven’t added nutrients your PPMs should be around 800 or so in organic coco. and your PH 5.7-5.9 is a good sweet spot :joy:

I’m using Canna brand coco with no amendments and Canna coco nutrients. It was suggested I use less than they direct you to use. I only have two plants going right now. I will try just water next time they need to be watered and see if it helps.

Looks like nitrogen toxicity, water only diet for a few waterings and then reduce the feed ppms.


Okay, it’s doesn’t need to be watered yet but should I water it anyway to flush it out some? I last watered two days ago and the pot is still heavy.

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Sure you could water it now, being in coco over watering is not really a problem, use enough water to get a good amount of runoff to act like a mini-flush and don’t let it sit in the runoff.

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