Is this plant healthy

Hey guys, can anyone just give me a yes or a no, its my 1st grow and im pretty much just wingin it, i read alot of articles and tips and things. I just wanna know if im doing something right and how does she look!

Her tallest point is about 5’ or so and she looks awesome to me, but then again its my first grow!!! Any and all criticism is welcomed! Thanks all

Oh yeah, shes going into her 3rd wk of flowering, how much longer will it be to harvest? Im not in a rush and wanna make sure i do it correctly and my buds to come out sticky icky.


She looks fine. You’ve got about a month and a half.


Good job


Looking good
Don’t forget your flower nutes
I use molasses to bulk up my buds
Good job!

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Cary what nutes do you use I have some containing molasses just wondered if we use the same

@Carey what nutes u using buddy

Budda grow, Epsom salts,bat guano under them a couple inches when planted

Going to start molasses tomorrow non feed day with a little epsom salt
I will continue molasses until late flower
I didn’t use molasses last year and my buds were less dense

and I started mixing a little Buddha bloom in now with my budda grow cause my clone is pre flower now
I live high hot alpine dessert

Also root stimulator when they went into ground

All organic soil
No pesticides ever used but my two fingers
All screened
Caught a toad today and added to garden
Usually always have a lizard or toad live there mysteriously every year on their own but none came yet so I added the toad and I always take care of them with water and they survive on any straggler bugs