Is this plant a hermi?

I had a couple of plants that looked like they started to change over then continued veg. Had some strange formations but when I forced them to flower they knew what to do. I did stress them with lows in the 4’s for ph. Didn’t know how to check then.

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I cut it down, Im not to upset. Been messing with cloning and a few have taken root so I should get a nice strawberry harvest during the summer, and a smaller harvest in the next month or so I have one lady flowering now.

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Is this hermie.never got pistols.just started budding

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IDK about hermi …to me it just looks like a male plant I don’t even see pistols

Was a fem seed

maybe banana? No under side flowers

Damn I must suck at gardening if thats ur male plant… My best fem doesnt have any sugar QQ

Looks like a female to me

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But is it possible for a fem to bud without getting pistols?

Compared to the rest that pistolless one is just weird

All them seem to have pistils, usual pistils is in indicator of female what gets me is it looks like female, does it have little bannanas in it?

Dam! Have some sugar on your sugar! If she were standing on the sidewalk I’d probably hit the car in front of me :slight_smile:

The best part of waking up would be a bowl of that and coffee in my cup :).

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all those are my normal plants the top pictures and this picture are the weird one. Oh yeah this is my first grow

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I did 6 months of reading before I started on top of that I’m a natural Green Thumb had my own business landscaping for 10-plus years now been playing in the dirt since I was a kid. I used happy frog perlite bone meal blood meal earthworm castings Epsom salt and put Hydro Pebbles on top of the soil

Not yellow like a reddish orange but might be hairs

So I contacted customer support and it’s definitely a Hermie I just hope it didn’t ruin the rest of my room there they did say that they would replace the seeds thanks Claire that customer support

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