Is this plant a hermi?

I’m just wondering if this is a hermi, it fits a few of the symptoms but id like to be sure before i cut it down to save my other girls

Got any pictures lol

Trying to upload now

Sorry I should be a little patient lol

Pics are up

Id like to think it’s a hermie my friend it sure does look like it

Damn then ill have to kill it. Thanks for ur input.

Your welcome let’s get one more before that happens, @garrigan62 what do you think

It’s a little hard to say for sure by those pictures. If you could get them a little clearer.

I can’t say I see any staminate clusters for sure. But the development does look a little weird.


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Ill try n get a better pic now


Best i could do

Keep an eye on them, it might just be too early to tell.


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Okay ill check back in another few days

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I’m going through this exact same thing right now. Just found white pistels today and hoping there all female. Good luck man. These guys are awesome on here.

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I got a clear blow up.Don’t `t pull that plant.
It has hair growing out of those. Just post a new and clearer
Pic on Monday



Everybody is very helpful and has been through my entire grow.

Ill keep an eye out but if worst comes to worst its no big deal killing a bag seed plant to save my strawberry ladies.

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I agree with that. But I am right there he, is truly a she all the way ! !

B Safe