Is this over watered

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Looks like it. Could be heat related? Are you over-watering them?

Hard to tell without seeing it in person, but drooping leaves can definitely be a sign of overwatering. If they look a little puffy, you may have overwatered.

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Big plants which is cool. You cant overwater in one watering. Was there a rain recently. Let them dry out and see what happens

I actually watered them and they perked back up maybe not enough water?


The symptoms of both are similar. If they perked up after watering, I’d say they were thirsty!

How much water should a plants almost 7’ should have? My first year.

It has been hella got lately and a few fires around as well. I believe it’s been in the mid 90s all week.

You can usually tell overwatered vs under watered by how the leaves droop. Overwatered, the drooping leaves make a sort of half crescent droop, under watered is more of a lifeless droop, kind of just hanging there.

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Usually if the soil gets dry a couple of inches down you’ll want to water. You’ve seen what they look like when they don’t get enough. Water before then …

@hannah3 first pics massive UNDER WATERED.

Long hot days with wind will suck the Ladies dry. Suggest you water moderately in the early morning…then late afternoon to perk them back up.
Learn to read the leaves…sad, hanging down with green coloring is UNDERWATERED.
Over watered is slowly yellowing leaves starting at the bottom.

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depends on the soil drainage, heat, wind and how much watered.

Good water method: using PH’d water…pour until it starts to run off…wait 10 mins…do a little more…once water starts running off…stop. Finger check for moisture levels.
If you can water more than twice a day…would be better. For sure early morn and when cooler in afternoon…several hours before dark.

Keep your Ladies hydrated and they will fill out great goodies for you.

I can’t really see run off because of the grow box they are in and the soil I have keeps water for several days it seems deeper in the soil then above. And I was already having other troubles with them as well. With watering and the ph levels. But finally got that fixed new growth seems better…I think. I am just getting worried that I will over water again I suppose. Or underwater I am unsure really if my other signs were because of over or Underwatering with high ph water.

@hannah3…does your box have drain holes?

Are you saying the grow box has no bottom and just sits on top of ground…?

OR…enclosed box with bottom? drain holes?

the ground no bottom.

@hannah3…sounds like your best method to assess the moisture level is to dig down 5" or so and check it…I had some ground that was very heavy clay. When dry, it would make 2" cracks in the yard. When it got wet, it turned into water holding goo.