Is this over heat ing

I’m not sure but I think its over heating. Four weeks old in dirt out side. Any advice please.I’m in the middle us. Alot of heat and humidity last couple weeks. Heat index been over a hundred for week now with some rain every three or four days.

It’s hard to say from only this picture alone.

It looks like it very well could be, and or it could be some deficiencies, maybe due to a pH problem.

Purple stems is sometimes caused by over watering, but it can also be a magnesium deficiency, and sometimes calcium. Or pH can also cause it.

It is so hard to tell from that single blurry image. Sorry Bro

Thanks hope its not a ph problem no meter

You really need to get one. They are not that expensive.

Check out this article by Robert that kind of explains why it is important:

And here are some options on tools to test:

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Ok guys thanks for the help last week. Think it was over watering. Haven’t water or feed in five days and shes stell got vigor. Here’s some new pics any advice to make them better. They should begin flowering over the next few weeks. Sun is set for ten hours now.

Wow what is that white all over the leaves?
I hope it isn’t what I think it is.
I don’t know what you went though last week But that looks alot like white powdery mildew.

Lakewood, do you think it could be that or not?

B Safe

It might be residue from a DE dusting?

Yea had to do little pest control they where eating leaves pretty fast. Panicked went withseven dust. Seem to have worked. Does she look healthy?

Wow was I scared there for a moment.
I lost two grows to that stuff that’s why I hate that for anyone to go through.
Ya she is looking better

B Safe

Roy … she looks good. I use DE for dusting to get rid of little pests. The stuff works great and it doesn’t hurt you if you ingest it. Latewood or Stoner know more about it than I do.
PS … It’s real hot and humid here too … sucks.

Yeah you want to make sure that seven stuff is completely washed off, you don’t want to smoke or ingest that stuff.

Food Grade D.E., like this stuff here:

It’s not toxic, even if you do eat some of it, and it wouldn’t exactly taste good, but it wouldn’t exactly be bad for you if a little was on the bud and you smoked it. I don’t think the same can necessarily be said about the seven stuff.

K thanks. Like said seen that something was haven a fest I panicked and grab the closest stuff had on had for vegetable s. But been misting plant dayly to rinse off during this drying out period for over watering. Bugs gone for now headed to the city for shopping this weekend I get som DE.

I having a little problem I am not sure if I over fed or if I have a heat problem Picture is uploading

Sorry; I just caught this post.

Noi worries. Give the plant a shower; Or dust it off a bit with a new soft paint brush.(if you give plant a shower; Make sure toimjmediately place it in an area with multiple fans to dry it off asap! Peace :slight_smile:

At 1st I thought you had a bad case of 'powdery mildew"; LOL, but I am glad this was recognized as “DE”