Is this one a go to harvest

Northern lights auto believe I’m in week 7 of flower.


I would say it’s ready for the axe. That’s right where I like em. Just chopped one today myself.


I would give it a few more days, at least 2 more. Check in the morning and again in the evening. Everyone sees a little red and say chop. I assume you grew Northern lights because of the body effects, which most hate. You choose to grow a 99-100% Indica strain, then you want to see more amber. I am also growing Northern lights and it is a 8 week flower to finish strain. So that top cola will finish up first. But you have more buds than those couple that you are checking. Here are a few picks of mine now at mid 8 weeks. I will be harvesting tomorrow.
Photo_2023-08-29 18_41_17_111
Photo_2023-08-29 18_41_26_435
Photo_2023-08-29 18_45_07_783
Photo_2023-08-29 18_42_32_860
Photo_2023-08-29 18_46_00_172


Pretty plant though. Let her finish up.


Thanks for the info ,yeah more body effect to help sleep. Wow nice plant I’m a newbie on first grow still learning Lst.

LST is awesome, I’ve moved on to topping and and feming. I misunderstood the concept on this last grow and messed up the steps by doing both. I topped then right before flower I LST. Which resulted in a shorter plant. Didn’t turn out bad, but I could’ve gotten more hight and possibly more buds.