Is this ole Pistils Pete?

I have a couple of really ignorant questions for you guys lol. First question is, are these pistils?

Next question is, assuming these are pistils (they look different than the other new growth and are very stringy and very white in case the pics don’t show it), what does this mean? Is it ready to flower or can I keep vegging them? Is this anything to be concerned about? I have 4 growing including 2 Skywalker ogs and both have these pistils on them but neither the Bruce Banner or the black widow does.

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The plant is showing you she is sexually mature and ready whenever you decide to flip. You can continue to veg as long as you want to.

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The little pointy projections below the node are stipules. The wispy white are probably early pistils. Both are indications of sex and maturity level.


@beardless @shindig153

My girls are growing up so fast lol. Thanks guys I thought everything was ok but wanted to be sure.