Is this Ok soil to put autos? And nutes question


i think they need to transplant . Can i transplant twice , like once i put that biogradeble jiffy pots or whateva they call to 1ga pot and then i cut bottom when i transplant to 5g pots. Is this reasonable? Or jiffy right to 5g ? When i transplant twice i can do without nutes.? Only good soil.
Ps! When talking about nutes what to think about that product? Thanks for helping.


Well, I can’t help you with the nutes as I’ve never used it. But they are organic, just make sure you get a feed chart with it.

I can’t imagine a plant that small having a big root system. Is that maybe a Rockwell cube I’m seeing? If yes, I’d transplant. I personally don’t like to transplant any more than I have too as it really stresses the plant. If that’s a full size strain, I’d put it straight to a 5 gallon bag. Just be aware that a tiny plant in a five gallon bag will likely need frequent, small amounts of water until she grows some.

As for that soil, that’s designed for a lawn. Compare Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil profile to that and I think you’ll see the difference. My guess is that there’s way to much nitrogen which will either burn the plant or it will grow wildly out of control. Hopefully some more experienced growers will chime in.

My take on soil is grow in what others are having success with. PH is really important, along with nitrogen, phosphorus and other profiles. You’re growing a plant that can yield hundreds of dollars worth of top quality buds, so why cut corners?


@Loneviking made some good points
I am not a fan of trans planting more than I need to so I start mine in small pots and when it’s time they go eight the the 5 gal pots if photo or 3 gal If Autos
I haven’t uses those nutes either but have heard good things about them
I’m sure a few of the folks have usesvthem so you’ll hear some feed back
And soil is probably on for veg but not for flowering
I’ve startws mine in general vegetable garden soil and had fine grows just need to feed during flower
I use the promix Bx now and love it
Anyway happy growing if I can assist further just tag me by putting @ symbol in front of username @beginner2d


Heh, but small plant ,like they are , YES they have that kind of root system :wink: bc i planted them inch2.5cm or even 3,5 deep,ups, my mistake 8) and roots coming throught thaaa bottom , im late and needed to transplant. Im going with allmost even NPK ratio soil and do it with GH nutes i think … And right to 2 4g pot and 3 5g pot .



this was way better ? :wink:


I would think so. Remember, you can always add nutes if they are needed, but you can’t easily remove it from the soil.