Is this ok idk , never used rockwool b4

I’m not sure if u can c this but my lil seed has hairs growing all over it

Support ticket

ILGM gscx seed in rock wool
Temps 80/68
R/h is very low right now @ 15%
Is this my problem?
Tomorrow will b 2 weeks I started germ because I just happened to look @ my seeds and 1 was cracked open with a small tap root .
Does rock wool need to b placed on top of dirt ?

Light 150 cfl
4in intake vent
Happy frog dirt
No co2

Hi there, You started germination 2 weeks ago? You sad one had cracked.
“Tomorrow will b 2 weeks I started germ because I just happened to look @ my seeds and 1 was cracked open with a small tap root”.
This tells me you had at least two seeds started. Here is what might be the problem.
With the cubes in a plastic cup, drainage is definitely suspect. Also imho the light being on and too strong might be growing/feeding a parasitic fungus or mold which is attacking your seed. The seed is probably compromised- sorry to say. My suggestion is try and get some of the moisture out of the cube. Maybe take it out and let it air dry or even at your discretion put a small fan on it to promote the drying. let it almost dry out. Just put a drop or so where the seed is when you think its needed. Also turn off the light or cover the seedling so that it is in the dark. Got to de/fibrillate the seed in human terms. Give it 2-3 more days if nothing happens then I’d say its gone.
Rock wool should work - provided the embryo is kept warm 75 degrees or so, moist but not wet, and the tap root can avoid fungus by growing in the dark. The R/H should not be a problem, if they were clones then its critical but not for seeds.
I hope this helps


@Wishingilivedina420state here’s another option for germination : take a mug put distille water or a five stage water filtred water (the idea is to have 0 ppm and PH 7) put your seeds on it until they crack and begin to germinate, it takes at least 24 hrs, it could take longer, take tweezers to manipulate your seeds and just put them directly into the medium you have choose , until now I have a 100% rate of succeding over 15 seeds ,:wink::innocent:

Hoping that you’ll find this helpful :innocent: ô and keep the mug in a dark place, a pantry for exemple. …


I use the paper towel method. I have had more success with this than any other over my 40 + years of growing.:grin:


I use paper towel method also works well for me👍

the original post with the “hairy” seed makes me think @jeffro is on the right track mentioning fungus or mold…something has infected the seed in it’s two weeks in moisture, not good


For sure that’s mold in the first pic I would say that seed is done and room should be cleaned and sanitized if it where mine spores get everywhere
Again just my thoughts

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OK sorry it’s taken so long to get back. I had to move and it’s been a pain,
OK I don’t understand what’s up here , my cup has drains my room is clean I moved plants and cleaned a couple days ago .
OK let’s get in to this jeffro said something about me starting 2 seeds . Yes I did. The first I used paper towel method, and after it had been in dirt about 2 weeks it rooted away and died.
The Second seed I thought I would try rock wool and it’s doing the same thing the first did. I’m starting to think it’s the seeds. I’ve gremed a few Reggie bag seeds for a friend and had no problems.
Another thing all 5 seeds I ordered where the smallest seeds I’ve ever seen from a pot plant and I e never had any luck with very small pot seeds . Now I no I’m kinda new to grow good / loud / kb
But this is crazy

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You got seeds here ?
If so contact support threw order confirmation email with order number maybe they can help if seed are the problem
I guess you could get bad ones but I’ve never heard anyone say anything about that with ILGM

Sorry about the trouble your having with the starting process. You had drainage holes in the plastic cups, I here ya. And the second started but withered away.
In the second case it sounds like damping off. Do you think this might be the case? Too much moisture in the medium? That is usually why seedlings die and it happens easily.
The cup method has issues. here is why; rockwool does have the optimum balance of air and fibers but it can get and stay too wet if there is not a way to create a wicking effect and you probably don’t have that when inside a plastic cup.- there is not enough air movement. This coupled with your light (at this early stage) creates a more favorable environment for your adversary ie fungus.
Also rock wool as a starter medium might have the detrimental property of causing very tiny lacerations on the taproot where its easier for the fungus to get in. I mean it is spun glass fibers.
Sorry to have to say this but get a hold of ILGM ask for a replacement, It really can’t be said what has caused this issue- I am only providing what I think might be going on and discussing the variables. My recommendation is when you get your new seeds start them in a paper towel and plant after germination into coco or a fine sort of starter mix. Dirt?
Be careful with the water, give good air circulation and don’t use the lights until the first leaves open up. Good air circulation for seedling is just not a small contained environment its too stagnate.
To answer the question about the seeds being small - that is most likely genetics and not a problem. If you order the same stain you will more than likely get small seeds again.

Thanks guys , guess I should have read up on rock wool a little more

I hope what I said made sense.Seedlings at this stage and also cuttings/clones immediately after detachment are at the most vulnerable time in their life. Sounds to me like you have done it before a few times. Just maybe now your trying too hard. The lessons of loss stick with us much easier than the successes. Perseverance will make you stronger, smarter, and better at what ever challenges you in the future. If you want help with germinating in the near future I will be around and if not me some other capable mentor will be. Next time you will grow some great weed.

I think you will have replacements within a short time if you get a hold of ILGM asap. I have heard about excellent customer service when things go bad.


After 40 years of growing, the mistakes are what make me a better grower. Without them makes you God. Take advice, try to do your best, and with education you will reap harvests that you will become a proud grower.:sunglasses::+1:


Hi guys sorry it’s been taken so long to respond, I’m so preoccupied with sitting up my new place and getting my work schedule back right. If it wasn’t that I set reminders in my phone to water and feed I wouldn’t know what to do.
Well I’ve moved the seed I was wrong it didn’t have any drainage at all .
My apologies, don’t know what happened other than it’s my fault, need to pay better Attention.
Any way I’m gonna let it go a little while longer just to see. Still waiting on new tent and light to show up

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Woke up and checked on plants , gscx seed #2 failed.
2 for 2 not sprouted WTF.

One more and I will contact support

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Hey @Majiktoker @garrigan62 can you maybe help this guy out seems to be having a problem germinating his seeds thanks guys in advance :wink::v::+1:
Hopefully they see this @Wishingilivedina420state