Is This Nutrients or What? It's Driving Me Nuts!

What’s really frustrating is that I didn’t have AnY of these issues with my last grow, because the moment it cropped up, I immediately acted on it. But this is overtaking me in ways that I just don’t understand.
Brown tips on leaves, some look eaten or malformed with brown dried edges. No bugs, I checked. In fact, one plant looks great, the other not so much. Lost three seeds/plants so far.

This FoXFarm is giving me a major headache. I’ve stopped using the ‘Trio’ and went back to Miracle-Gro “20-20-20” hoping it would heal whatever ails a vegging plant. I flushed one of the plants yesterday, so will be adding water with nutrients in three days. But then, I started thinking, “What if my flushing is releasing whatever nutrients are still in the dirt, thus creating the same problem?”
Some people can handle the whole “We put everything in the bag for you,” but I’m going back to regular soil, where I can better regulate what my plants are getting.
In the meantime, here are some photos. if you can, please tell me if this is a nutrient problem and which one?

P.S. - In the beginning I didn’t check the ph. I’ve been doing it now for the last month with the addition of nutes and molasses. So the water is ph’d at 6.5.

But what is the pH at the root zone?

I’ve only checked the run off, and the ph never goes past 7. I’ve never checked this before, mostly out of ignorance, but also, I’ve never had this many issues at one time.
Should I lower the ph, in hopes of lowering the runoff?

A 7.0 pH in the soil wouldn’t in most cases be a big worry. But this certainly could be a contributor to your problem and adjusting the pH would not hurt.

Have you seen the “support ticket” checklist Latewood made? Fill out a “Support Ticket”

Check it out. Some other things that might be a contributor are your temperatures, day vs. night, and the temp at the canopy vs. the temp in the root zone might also be contributors, as far as anything off the top of my head, anyway, look through the ticket and may be answer all the things on the check list and maybe it’ll point us in the right direction.


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It could possibly be a small lack of potassium and phosphate nutrients

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I think your ph is not stable at the roots , I’m seeing some of the same signs in my widow . Schedule a flush , and feed it a stable balance of ph water and feed consistently after you flush , it might help , it’s what help mines …only my opinion , I’m no professional ?

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Thanks, yoshi. I’m definitely learning myself. One thing I do know - I must have TOTALLY lucked out with my last grow, because there were hardly any issues, and the ones I had were fixed up quickly. I could be wrong, but I feel like it’s the combo of the FoxFarm soil and nutes that’s creating the problem. I’ve been caring for my plants the same way I did when I had regular soil, regular nutes, molasses. I only had to make sure the water was at 6.5, and of course, temperature, light, etc.

I got this suggestion from someone else, too, so I’ll start tomorrow. Will let everyone know how it turns out>:)

Addendum: I’ve decided to buy a bag of Perlite. I’m hoping it’ll give the roots air, space and some rest.

Flushed and transplants plants to a larger pot. Did mix some perlite into the new mix. The roots and soil were amazing looking, smelled good, looked pretty, considering all the issues I’ve been having lately. Then, I read the article on Tobacco Mosaic.
That’s the culprit, and I’m pissed, because we don’t use tobacco in our house, and the only soil I used was the Foxfarm. Everything is clean, and outside of different soil and nutes (both Foxfarm), I’m not doing anything suspect. It’s on three of the five plants, and the idea of starting over is really making me ill right now.
Separated the plants, but damn it, I’m seriously thinking that Foxfarm’s live, organic mix is responsible for this. I’m not saying it isn’t good soil, I’m saying that it’s only thing I can think of, and I’ve never had this many issues with a grow - EVER.

Add dolomite lime and maybe and Epsom salt flush . I used bush doctor by fox farm ?

Hi Yoshi!

I’ve been reading on viruses all day today, and thought it’d be a good idea to post what a virus is:

If nothing else, it’ll tell people how they work. I worked in healthcare for a number of years, so I’m very aware of how they work. I just didn’t expect it now on this crop!:frowning:

I’ve separating the two plants, and I’m hoping there hasn’t been a transference, though from what I already know about viruses, this may make no difference what so ever. This virus is a toughie, and makes it clear that it hits alot of plants, including tomatoes, roses, etc…I’m removing each and every leaf that isn’t normal, which makes me uncomfortable, because quite a few of them are the larger leaves. Curious to know if the plant an still be smoked.
I’ll let you know how it progresses.
If nothing else, it’s a learning exercise.

OK. Wow, that was a whole lot of work. As is mentioned in another thread about this, recently and the other older thread also mentioned by Latewood, I think this is jumping to a very unlikely cause.

I have to go back to the pH. A pH of 7.0 in soil with a balanced nutrient usually won’t cause problems, but let’s examine this a bit further.

You said the pH doesn’t go above 7.0 in the runoff, and what you are putting in is at 6.5

Think about that…

7.0 is neutral, but the fact that your runoff is neutral and you are putting something in that is slightly acidic means your soil must be alkali, so if your soil is bumping the pH back up at least 0.5, from 6.5 back up to 7.0, so your soil is probably at least 7.5 That extra 0.5 isn’t showing in the runoff, it is getting cancelled out in the soil. If the soil was 6.5 and you put 6.5 in, the run off should be 6.5,if you see where I am coming from.

I suspect things will return to normal once the pH gets back to where it should be.


Seeds: Strawberry Kush, Blueberry, Pineapple Haze
Germination: July 3rd
Plant Growth: 2-30inch 1-22inch (Loss labeling; not sure which is which)
C02 pads
Flowering Start: Sept. 21st (12/12)
Lights: 2 - 250w, 2700K, 11,050 lumen, 3- 60w, 2700K
Misc Issues: Grow tent is not tall enough. Will attempt staking next week, or move them.

Hi Mac,
I’ve been working on this since your post, and here’s what I’ve found:

  1. I have no idea what I’m doing.
  2. I believe my problems have stemmed from over/under nutes. I was trying to working with Foxfarm soil and liquid nutes, and should have paid closer attention on working with both.
  3. After flushing the plants every four days for two weeks,I gave it a third flushing with a light nute mixture. The plants have been looking much better since.
  4. I’m still seeing problems here and there - a few leaves w/ brown spots, lower leaves turning yellow and burning - but I’m thinking it’s reacting to the lack of light, and the amount of nutes, which I’ve been increasing very slowly.
  5. These two problems seem to have no affect on the new growth, and with the exception of a few leaves here and there w/ the brown spots, the total plant is bushy and green w/ strong stems.
  6. It appears that one in four stems (as you go up) are kinda blush red color, with some of the blush on the trunk. These stems have not affected the leaf.
  7. I have added molasses to the nute mixture and water every fourth day, and foliar feed them every other day, w/ a very light nute mixture(no molasses!)
  8. My plants are extremely bushy, which I’m very pleased about, but I’m thinking maybe that’s why the lower leaves and some off the inner leaves are yellowing/dying (lack of light). For the last two weeks, I have been opening up my plants twice a day, gently spreading the stems, which has caused a great many additional nodes and pistol hairs to appear!
  9. Next week: Staking and/or placing a tomato cage around the plants.

If anyone has a suggestion about the lower leaves, let me know, especially since my last crop had lights above, below and on the sides. I’ll take some more photos today and post.