Is this nutrients burning my plant?

I have two similar setups that are both growing Strawberry Cough in a 4x4, both have a Mars Hydro TS-3000, SCROGed, both on same feeding schedule for the time being.

Fox Farms Trio, cha Ching, CalMag

The plant pictured is grown in soil from Home Depot that has up to 9 months of nutrients.

The other is in coco coir without any issues

The soil grown plant that has nutrients in the soil started showing signs of burning on the fan leaves so I initially turned down the light intensity.

I probably need to measure the run off to get a better idea.

I’m still a newb with less than 10 grows and still learning and hoping to get some advice from others.

Thank you in advance for your help

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Timed release soils such as Miracle Grow and cannabis don’t always get along. What you have there is nute burn. Nitrogen toxicity, to be specific. I would get the plants out of the MG, as it is probably going to get worse. Time release soils nuke you plants with nutrients and submarine your pH every time you water.


Thanks MidWest for confirming,

I am pretty committed at about 4 months in and scrogged.

When you say get out of MG (Miracle Grow) I don’t feel like I could transplant at this stage without killing my plants.

Can I transplant soil to coco at this stage in the game or do I get what I can salvage from this grow and use Coco next time?

Adding more pics for reference

You could always do a straight flush or flush with something like Flawless Finish from Advanced.

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Not with MG: it has dense pockets of concentrated chemical fertilizer that would take a LOT of water to get rid of. You would likely drown the plant before leaching it out.

As stated; it’s far from ideal and your plant will suffer flower size (N tox) and flavor. At this point I’d stay the course and chalk it up to lessons learned. My first grow was in MG as well.


Looks like phosphorus deficiency to me but I would check runoff ph and tds before taking and further steps.

I looked at this article for a reference and threatens as though it was nitrogen toxicity as my fan leaves were dark green with a claw affect and others were yellowing and burning up.
I am using FF trio and stopped using grow big. I feel that things are looking better now.

Grow big is ok but I never use more than half dose of that stuff.

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