Is this nutrient burn?


Just just oh water, that’s all I have been using for the last 10 days at least. I just need to know if that appears to be overwatering to adjust the watering schedule.

I can’t see how the leaves would take 10+ days to start to curl (if it was nutrient burn), after the 1 time diluted nutrient regiment 10 days ago I flushed the coco in case it had built up too much but the ppm run off numbers were tiny. Plus the 2 in soil looked fine when I left and then within a few days one was dead and the other clinging.
That’s the 2 in soil when I got home on Friday, since then the smaller has died and the other is clinging to life.


Hey there, making a conclusive diagnosis is difficult just based on pics. However, as others stated already, you must lay off on the nutes and additives. Your plants are way too small to receive anything but small amounts of water. That is especially true when you put your seeds into nute-rich soils.

Again, very hard to tell just by pics, but I’d do a mini flush with distilled water and then I’d just let the plants sit there for 5 days minimum with no additional water provided.


I think you’re under the impression I’m feeding them nutrients still. Just to be clear, I gave them a diluted dose of flora trio and cal mag 1 time a little over 10 days ago, there was some slight yellowing in the original pics on the first page of this thread of the new growth that people here thought was just that, new growth but I flushed them anyway (10 days ago). Since then they have been given just ph balanced water daily, just water, no nutrients. Everything seemed fine, then while I was away this week, the tips curled on all of them, with 1 in soil dying and the other barely clinging to life but my mate kept watering them daily with just water.


What is the solution for overwatering, is it just simply waiting till the coco dries out?


Its pretty hard to overwater in coco, but yes you just wait. Maybe put a fan to blow on the soil. But Coco is essentially hydro. You can keep coco pretty wet. that is what Drain to Waste systems are. But while the plants are young they do still need their dry / wet stages to help root growth. Make sure your PH range is 5.5-6.5


Ok, I didn’t realize you had stopped all nutes. So, yes, in that case you just need to let things dry up for a while.

I have no personal experience growing in coco, nut in general, water your plants like you water cacti or succulents. Give them a good drink, but then leave them alone until the grow medium dries up. That way you don’t drown the roots but make them work harder (ergo, the stretch and grow) faster.


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