Is this nutrient burn?

This is my first indoor grow with coco. Was wondering if the yellowish colour in the new growth is nutrient burn or just new growth.

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Hard to tell from pic but think its new growth. At first they will be lighter in color.

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Thanks for the fast reply😉. I’m using flora grow trio and cal mag.
I gave them a diluted dose of cal mag and then a few days later a diluted dose of the flora trio . I flushed just in case and the average was 350 ppm with the water being 80. I’m trying to find a good guide or journal for a coco grow under led but haven’t really found a good one.
With the girls I’ll give them a few days and post an updated pic.

They are to small to feed
Dont start feeding until you have 4-5 nodes
Just ph water till then @Butters
And I agree with @Laurap looks like new growth


Thanks again mate, really appreciate the help.

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Wait until they develop their first true node before beginning to feed. You dont want to love your plant too much. It’s not a good habit. When beginning to feed start with around 1/4 recommended dosage and work your way up, if you see leaf tips burning, give less nutrients.
Sometimes new growth will be a lighter color than the rest of the plant. This is normal. Also, you shouldnt need to flush. With Coco, watering till you have around 30% runoff each time will help leech built up salts. Or if you dont do that, you can opt to flush medium out a couple times throughout the grow. As coco is a bit different than soil type mediums, most of what I’ve read said coco should be flushed around 3 times throughout the grow, if not being watered till runoff.

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I personally feed full as per mfg recommendations but starting low wont hurt and working up to full is ok

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Have you ever heard of a Cal/Mag that’s PPK is neutral? I use a 1.0.0 “Calimagic” or I have to use tap@440 PPM’s on my seedlings. “I guess I could hunt for better tap water”:disappointed_relieved:

Youll be fine using the tap water is it well or city water
Mine is well water at 380 ppm and i use it the entire grow

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I’m going to have to use Lime-away to clean cloner after using my tap water. Thanks

1-0-0 is not exactly npk neutral. It’s not 15-0-0 like a calcium nitrate base would be, but it’s still 1% nitrogen. The actual amount of nitrogen in your feed will depend on your dosage. Just don’t feel like because the number in the ratio is low that there’s not a lot of nitrogen in your solution. 1-0-0 is the same as 10-0-0 just different concentration.


Usually Calmag is made from nitrates, which is where the nitrogen comes from. I too have used my tap water and it comes out around 500ppm. The only thing I concern myself with is the chloramines in the water. I add some crushed Asorbic Acid, which is suppose to neutralize the chloramines.


Although I will say I do use a lot of RO water in the mix as well. I don’t like my tap water that’s for sure.


I grow in coco with led @Butters I can tag you to my journal

Awesome ty.

Nearly all of them have their first set of leaves curling at the tips, they were dropping slightly too. One is the colour of lettuce which is freaking me out, they’re not all the same strain. Could this be from overwatering?, I’m wondering if the slight yellowing last week was them trying to say enough water and not nutrient burn as they haven’t had any nutrients besides that 1 time 10 days ago. @Countryboyjvd1971 .

Are you already feeding your plants this early? You really shouldn’t begin feeding any nutrients until they at least have their first true node.
Sometimes the leaves coming in do weird things, get spots on them ect. In the 2nd to last pic it does look a hit like nute burn, I would stop the feeding. and just water with plain water for a week or so until they get a bit bigger.

Also dont flush your medium unless you absolutely have to. It can easily create more problems than there already is.

No, no nutrients. I fed them a watered down flora grow trio mix and then a diluted cal mag a few days later but that was well over a week ago. Since that 1 time it was just water. After I saw the first signs of yellowing and my original post here i just kept to water. As of Friday I noticed the leaves curling on the end. So I’m wondering if it’s overwatering and what, if anything I can do. Everything I saw on coco said to water till run off and that it shouldn’t be allowed to dry out completely. Only other change I’ve made is moving them closer to the LEDs, it’s about 18-20” away but I would of thought all the leaves would be burnt if it was that.

Last reason is i had 2 growing in soil, just to see which medium I preferred, when I got back from holidays my mate had watered them for me daily and one had died and the other had curling leaves like the ones in the pic. I tipped out the soil of the dead one and it was saturated.

don’t feed her! u need to wait 3 weeks…just use pH neutral water (soil/6.4-6.5)