Is this Nutrient burn or not?

hello fellow growers just wanted to ask you guys with more experience iff my lil ladies are nuteburned… yesterday i transplanted them and i gave them at HALF strength power roots wich is to stimulate rootgrow and gave pure zym wich is to keep youre ladies healthy when under stress or bad conditions…designed so the plant could resist more then usual… i made it and used half the dose that was recomended at my feedingschedule that comes with my nutes. i started noticing after almost 24hours off transplanting my leaftips or whole leafs in case they already had nuteburn from first time i gave to much. i havent give m water since the transplant 22hours ago and are almost dried out now. temp is at 21 1/2 and humidity is at 50-60%. Do my lil ladies have nutes burn??

Man its barely out the seed I wouldn’t have giving any thing

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When I transplanted my two plants one of mine ended up with white on the tip of one leaf. And they were only placed in ffof… now a week later they are taking off. Go figure…
You can see it here…

@Nug-bug i didnt use nutes the things i give are just additives lets say like free on the counter without prescription drugs… the nutes i hsve im waiting till 5th node so… dont understand it and also i gave only half strength recomended so really strange they botter so much my lil ladies i really dont get this pffff dammit

Oh okay gotcha man it could be just transplant shock ??? What type of light?? How close??

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I am using 100w cfl’s 2.5 inches away…

@Nug-bug i use fornow first 2 weeks i had to use a HPS 600WATTS double spectrum grow/bloom lalp wich actually means you can do grow and bloom with it… BUTT grow takes muuuch longer and plants not that big n healthy monsters than with thd right METAL HALIDE (MH)600WATTS im getting tomorrow it gets delivered so hopefully that l make a biiig different i really hope so everybody tells me so so i cant wait till tomorrow you know and afterwards whenever they get to big for the 1 600watt lamp with open reflectorshine cap ill hang another 1 up so when they big enough 2x 600 watts at about 21 1/2 to 22 distance temp is at 78° humidity at 55% they are all autoflowers aswell bro pfff it looks very much likr nutesburn and they evfn really didnt get nutes… its like you take sn aspirine…nothing just to get thru the transplant gettin crazy about it dammit im trying so hard to keep al my lil ladies healthy and happy but still they got so much issues crazycrazycrazy

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Does your balance have a dim switch?? Might be too intense, we’ll no its been like that the whole grow? Don’t know @MacGyverStoner @ktrees any body on

no i dont use dimmable lights so…with the leds later ill use a digital ballast so i can dimm the lights and stuff like that

What was the soil you used to transplant into?
I’m thinking the soil may have been to hot for your seedlings. Keep that 600 watt HPS away from them.
You should be using t5 florescent lighting



I agree with @garrigan62.

It appears that at least one of these things is the most likely contributor, too hot of soil, and/or the 600 watt HPS being too close for such small seedlings.

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@MacGyverStoner @garrigan62 hey guys thanks 4 the advice was thinking the same thing that they just to little now 4 hps 600 watts but the GOOD NEWS Is my MetalHalide 600watts lamp arrived at my home im driving now to home as i speak so im gona put that in fast so they hqve the right growlamp to grow… but Will what i really dont get is that 2days ago i asked you is 21 1/2 to close with the hps you said if your hand doesnt get to warm in 5secs they should be good and now all the sudden youre preeching get that hps gone ASAP ? 2 vzery opposite things while i was just following youre advice?am i that crazy or can you explain that please no hard feelings bro…

I don’t see that response above. Is it in another thread? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have said that if I had seen the picture? Was the picture included?

21 and 1/2? Is this inches or centimeters or maybe something else? This could be part of the reason for contrasting advice. Often this kind of thing does happen because us in the USA keep insisting on using the old English measurement system, lol. And don’t even get me started on TDS and PPM, lol!

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@MacGyverStoner was in other thread with loooads off pics and 21 1/2 inches 55centimeters is the distance between lamp and plant at its closest most far away plant is at 60cms cuzz i have 21 plants you know and im honest i asked everybodyyy maaaaany times iff that distance is right everybody said loud and clear that would do it till i got my mh 600watts lamp today i now have the mh lamp 600 watts how far awai should it be at its closest from my plants bro??

And the fact that it was a 600watt HPS was also included in the info?

Because that is not necessarily clear in the picture.

Something to keep in mind as well, we are chatting with tons of people and trying to do our best, but sometimes we do miss things as we rush from post to post.


And I do suspect more for the nutrient burn, especially if temperatures seem very controlled.

I would suspect around 21 -22 inches wouldn’t be too close, a waste of electricity at such a early state, and certainly over kill. And about 25 inches is what is normally done, at least here in the states.

I know I’m late to the party, lol. Maybe I’ll have a chance to read up on the other thread and give some more advice later.

But actual temps at the canopy, or soil surface in this case, humidity and how fast the soil is drying out could all also be contributors.


@MacGyverStoner hey mac just wanted to give you a heads up about this beauthifull lzmp off lumatek i received its a beast :metal: now my babies have the right metalhalide 600watts lamp to grow like they should nice right?? And yes was very clear and over 5 times that i was using 600 hps they said it themselves after i said them it was a hps so but the lampbox said for grow AND bloom butt you have to get a electric ballast to let that work with colorspectrum chancge ability so… not for me! They said my babies would be fine with that iff i transplanted them in their final pots cuzz they Autoflowers u know so i did ill back up with pics @RayRay6212 @garrigan62 @Donaldj @raustin @Paranorman @DieHigh55 @Oldstoner




That was me that had replied to him and was unaware that he was using HPS. Other wise I would have told him what I had just posted. and we know that hps is not for seedlings. and I use a cm converter to inches cause I don’t get it…lol


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OK, I skimmed the other thread really quickly, so I may have missed something, so keep that in mind.

I saw @garrigan62 advice on the[quote=“garrigan62, post:68, topic:8095”]
.if its to hot for the back of your hand its to hot for the plant

I didn’t see the see the 5 sec thing though.

In general this is very good advice, and it was fairly vague general advice which wasn’t a problem, and is still generally good advice.

But I also saw part of your concern was stretching, and yes normally this might get many, as their first thought, to recommend bringing the light closer. And as it seems you also now understand, this is one of the problems using HPS during veg, even if it is close enough, it has too much of the spectrum in the red side of the band, which does contribute a lot to stretching.

And your MH should certainly help with that.


Yeah, I was working on the above response which kind of states this was probably part of the reason for your response.