Is this Nute burn??

Is this bute burn? I flushed the ever living crap out if ut earlier just to be on the save side. Im using fox farm ocean forest soil, the banana kush autos have been doing great in it but seems like it may of been to hot for the zkittles autos. As 3 out if the 5 died. One is doing good and the other has these spots on it that i think is nute burn (pic below) also one banana kush is growing weird. Seedling getting tall but stopped growing leaves. No new set of leaves coming up in the middle and has been about 4 days since last leaves came in while the rest are all working in their 4th or 5th also pic below. My original 5 i planted about a month ago is doing really good at least so it seems. But just havent had mych luck with the second round of seeds

Heres a few more pics of the spots on it

Looks like she’s overwatered. Struggling to establish nice healthy roots.

Note- overwatered doesn’t mean too much water all at once. It means watering too frequently. Particularly at the base of the plant.

Get a feel for what your plant weighs when the medium is bone dry. And again when it’s freshly watered (heavily watered enough to get some run-off out the bottom of the container).

She should only get water once the container is light. And when you water, flip a cup over on top of her, then water the cup - that will prevent the water from accumulating around her base and allow the moisture to be on the exterior of the container. In turn, that allows the roots to branch out more and wider - which means she has more access to oxygen even after being freshly watered.

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Shes soaked now due to the flush. Prior she was in a humidity dome. Clear solo cup i sprayed the inside twice a day and flipped it over. And an occasional quick spary around outside of the cup every other day

So over water can cause the yellow spots all over the leaves as well?

Overwatering is the manifestation of any and all of the possible symptoms - deficiency, heat stress, light stress, etc etc. - it’s hard to diagnose sometimes because it will look like multiple distinct problems.

My unprofessional opinion is keep the dome on her a while longer, and resist the urge to water for a while.


Okay ill give it try. Shouldnt have to water for awhile anyways due to the heavy soak she got today