Is this nute burn?

Does this look like nute burn? Didn’t get chance to check ph before light went out but it has been stable 6.5-7 at the top, but is lower like 6 or even 5.5 at bottom of pot

At first glance, this does not look like typical nute burn. Nor pH, necessarily, but pH might be more likely.

This looks more like some other type of damage happened to these leaves. Are you sure there are no pests?

Maybe some other sort of physical damage that could have happened to these leaves?

Also, it does look a little like it could be maybe “splash” or damage from drops of something landing on or sitting on the leaves.


Haven’t seen any pests, it is a pretty well controlled environment. It is literally only those 2 leaves, should I cut them off?

PH is 8 so I’ve added some lime, hopefully that sorts it…

I’m not sure that will work, lime is alkali and it is usually to counter a pH that is way too low.


Oh shit, did I get lime and sulphur mixed up?

Sulfur by itself can only do so much, and then you could even risk a sulfur toxcity if you add too much. It is much better to bring your pH down with an actual acid and mix that into your water or nutrient mix. Something like sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid (the main ingredient in most pH down), or even acetic acid (distilled vinegar) or citric acid (lemon juice), although the last two are less reliable and less stable. Distilled vinegar and lemon juice can work, but an actual concentrated citric acid would be much better than either of these.


I might try source some PH down. Can causes PH to go up, too many nutrients too often?

Some nutrients are alkali, like calcium can make things more alkali.

If I’d have to guess what is making things too alkali in your soil, I’d have to guess it is your water. What is the pH of the water you use?

The minerals in your water that make the water alkali, they will build up in your soil over time and can make the soil even more alkali than your water’s pH reading.


I use rain water, but water PH tester hasn’t arrived yet and my soil PH tester says not to use in water!

Rain water is like distilled water, normally it shouldn’t be alkali, if it is nearly pure, zero EC or ppm, it should be near pH of 7 or neutral, neither alkali nor acidic.

Yes, again, certain nutrients can be alkali, and these may have contributed to the situaltion in your soil, of course adding garden lime wouldn’t help.


Nutrient splash - this happend when yu feed the plants and water splashes on the leaves and thus causes spots - just be a bit more careful when feeding your plants

If you read above, I already covered the idea of nutrient splash, but a pH of 8 is what it most likely is.


Is it best to cut those leaves off?

Only if they were infected with mold or something like that, or if they are more than 50% damaged/yellow/brown.

Or maybe if they are really old and covering bud sites.



Sorry for not reading the above, concerning nutrient splash that have been talked about - can’t see hoe ph could desplay it’s self in that fashion - some times “stuff” (shit) just happens coud be many things from enviromental to nutrient issues. I’m surfe your problem is not a great plant issues and it will fix it’s self

OH yeah…pH 8…whooooo

I do not see any issues either with this plant other than the splotches. This can happen from over watering and too cold also.

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Most likely over watering, the soil seems dry almost daily, but wet at bottom of bags, I’m trying to water every 2nd day, but sometimes daily! After the lime I put in PH went up to 9, even slightly above! Put a product flowers of sulphur in, which bought it down a little but have ordered some PH down and PH up which will be here in the morn. May have been nutrient splash, The problem seems to have cleared and the affected leaves have been removed as I have taken some clones and they were the lower leaves of the cuttings, the 4 clones all wilted and I thought they were all going to die (1st time cloning) however they 2 of them picked up in about 4 hours and the other 2 picked up a few hours after! I only wanted 2 of them so I might have the best of 4 to pick from!

And it’s def not too cold, gets into the 90’s, and not much below 80 at the moment, in the middle of summer here!