Is this nute burn

I’ve got 1 plant out of 8 that has mottled brown leaves. I’ve got another couple that are looking strange. Anyone know what this is?

Strain; ILGM WW Fem

Soil in pots, Hydroponic

System type? RDWC 75Gallon

PH 6.0 in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? TDS @1000


Light system, size? LED 2x HLG-550 V2

Temps; Day 78 avg 75.7-81.6, Night 63.2 avg 61.6-66.2

Humidity; Day 37.07 avg 25.1-58.68, Night 80.66 avg 75.99-83.56

Ventilation system; Yes, Size 740CFM

Humidifier, De-humidifier

Co2; No

@peachfuzz @bryan

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I’d check your net cup, rockwool and roots for nasties. How much air do you have bubbling through the each tote?

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Ph looks a little high as well
Should be lower around 5.8

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Took me awhile to even see where it is. It is the original fan leaf ends being a tiny bit dry when they first came up. As root grew, it took up more fluids. The newer growth seems good. Watch out for calcium deficiency, it can cause brown streaks between leaf veins


@bryan The 1st and 2nd pic are the plant that I’m really worried about. The others look odd to me. This is my first hydro grow and I’m still a bit unsure of myself. I had pH problems to start with that almost killed 2 of the plants. I didn’t even put pics of them because they still kinda look like babies. You think that the 1st and 2nd pics look ok other than the old growth. It just started mottling about a week ago.


Not nute burn but definitely a deficiency maybe cal-mag would help I grow in Coco so can’t really help hopefully some more experienced guys and gals will jump in!!

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I thought they might need calmag. I planned on giving them some tonight if that seemed to be what some of the more knowledgeable folks thought

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Cal/mg would be much more subtle (slight discoloration), not necrotic leaves. Also 1 plant is extreme, but can’t tell the condition of the other in the same tote. If they are very different it would point to something other than nutes.

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So here’s what I see:

Your nutrient load is way too high for such young plants. I’d look to be around 400 to 500 ppm at this point. Let the root mass develop and slowly bring your nutrient load up to around 600 ppm for veg.

PH is a bit high; I’d bring that down to around 5.7. As asked; what do your roots look like? What is your res temp? It should be below 70F. How about air in the nutrient solution? What nutrient line are you using and at what ratio?

@kabongster @Bogleg @TDubWilly?


Seems that way although they do seem happy


I see the affected plant now…

Always strange when just one plant is off and yes I would wanna see the roots next


what makes up that 1000 ppm?

Cal-Mag will add hundreds of ppm points, and Silica should be added for stem strength, it deters pests, it helps in too warm an environment…these three elements are useful in water and soiless grows.

root pics, please…lower the ppm’s a bit and use the ppm’s differently by adding a few supplements and the big picture of the whole set up if you could…just to check for potential easy upgrades or fixes if needed…light leaks and water temps are subtle problems but deadly over time.


@Myfriendis410 My water temp is 67. My res is outside the tent on a concrete floor. I have it heated to 68 because I can’t heat lower than that. It would be about 60 if I didn’t heat it. I’ve run my pH (once I got it stable) at about 6.0. I use AN 3 part and this week is the first time that I’m even close to their calculated amount. I started at about half and have eked it up to just below what they recommend. @kabongster I had added Cal-Mag because I thought it was probably a mag deficiency. My PPM was about 650 before the Cal-Mag. My pH was 5.8 this morning. I’ll try to get an overall pic and see if I can get a root pic on the sick plant, but it’s pretty hard with my space. BTW, the plant looks even worse this morning. Really starting to curl on the browned leaves.

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Remember that the nutrient manufacturer is in the business of selling you nutes and not conserving them! I have yet to see a nutrient schedule (published) that was actually reasonable. I’d be like you and follow the directions but in this case it will bite you.

What is the TDS of your base water? Are you using R/O?

You do want to run cal mag in hydro; and yeah; it bumps the solids up pretty quick.

60F for your rez temp would be AWESOME. Quit heating the water and that may help a bit. I would also run some Hydroguard just for G.P. Remember; liquid temps in the grow space will be higher and the standing rez is to help keep those temps lower. Pythium is not something you want to deal with.

PH needs to be a bit lower: I target 5.7 for mine.

If it were me I would remove half your liquid volume and replace it with straight R/O, PH’d to 5.7. That ought to bring your values down into a more comfortable range for your one plant.


you don’t want to battle root rot, pythium, in your reservoir…never…but for the first time hydro grow it can be really tough and it’s a fungal infection that spreads to other roots.

it’s easier to prevent than to fight… Hydroguard is a great product as a preventive measure


OK, here are some more pics. @kabongster @TDubWilly

I’m afraid if I pull the plant any higher, it will rip some of the roots.


@Myfriendis410, I think that I will take your advice and do a partial water change tonight when I get back home.

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Are they wrapped around hoses?

I see some brown but not really sure what is going on there.

Maybe lift the yellow lid for a better look?

Also, is there any kind of pump on that end that the roots could possibly be getting sucked into?

You have an odd situation and I’m just trying to throw out some guesses

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