Is this Nute burn or something else?

So my friend sent me a pic of his 3 week old seedlings. He has 6 total. 1/4 FF HF on the bottom while the rest is 3/4 Black Gold soil. Whats wrong with it? Someone on the forum said it was nute burn but it seems to be getting worse. Don’t think the rest will make it past the seedling stage at this rate. 1 already looks dead.


Without knowing more details I’ll make one suggestion.

By far, the number one reason seedlings fail is because of how they are watered. Most beginning growers hover over their seedlings and feel the need to water them every day or two. That doesn’t work.

What I would suggest doing is putting them in bigger pots, giving them a good soaking, them leaving them alone for at least 5 days. There is no need to feed a plant that small and the soil isn’t causing nutrient overload. It all has to do with improper watering.


Like I said in your other post, combination of nute burn and overwatering. Because the soil has nutes in it, every time you water, you’re feeding it nutes. Seedlings this size shouldn’t need any extra nutrients.

Overwatering=Released nutes=Nute burn.

Overwatering is the issue.

Good luck.


So should he leave it as is until it dries or transplant?

You need to get it out of those little solo cups, they aren’t even full of soil. It is SO MUCH HARDER to water properly when the cups don’t hold much moisture and they dry out right away. That is why I suggested transplanting.

The other clue that it needs transplanting are the plants are three weeks old! Three week old plants should not fit in a half filled solo cup. I have 10 autoflowers growing that just hit week six since germinating and they are almost 4 foot tall and in third week of flowering.

It is important to plant you seedlings in bigger pots as soon as you can. Proper watering of seedlings involves soaking the pot and letting the pot almost dry out before watering again. By soaking the pot the soil dries out from the top down. The roots will search out the water at the bottom of the pot with vigorous root growth. Watering a little bit every day, even in a big pot, does not encourage vigorous root growth if they don’t have a reason because you concentrate the water in the top few inches of soil.