Is this nute burn or some deficiency

can somone please help me figure out if this is nute burn or a deficiency

The white stuff on the plant in the one pic is just diotom earth

Could be pH. Do you know your pH and PPM?

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ph in is allways 6 to 6.2 in promix cc i dont really check ppm in veg but i will today. What am i looking for in ppm and ph runoff?

I also dont get why its only 4 of many that are like this. What do i do to fix ph issues if i have them?

Not sure. Not familiar with Promix. Isn’t promix coco?

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there are different types the one i use is the coco one.

We’ll need a coco grower to get you an answer. I’m a soil guy.

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@Myfriendis410 @Skydiver @Covertgrower can you give me a hand on this one?

Have u fed it?

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Yes canna terra at half strength, cal mag suppliment at teaspoon per gallon as directed for regular feed and potassium silicate at recommended dose like i have for a few crops with no issues like this. Is it possible i underfed them? @FrostySlothy Max dose of canna terra is 50 mil per liter, ive only been feeding 20 to 25 mil per liter

What’s your ppm when feeding? U should b roughly 600-800 ppm when feeding at that stage you’re in.

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so thats 600 to 800 going in? should i check it on the way out also? @FrostySlothy

Yes and your ph 5.5-6.2. Sweet spot 5.8. Its should b the same ppm coming out roughly.

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Pro mix has dolomite lime in it should my ph be closer to 6? pro mix hp is 70% peat and 30% coco? @FrostySlothy

Sry pics are upside down but here is medium ingredients

Definitely looks like a PH issue. I would flush and reset. 6.0.
This is basically the same as promix.


@Covertgrower can i flush them really good with fresh ph d water then feed them right after?

They are in 1 gal pots how much fresh water should i run thru them?