Is this number is a bit low on Ph


Ok is 5.0 a good run off number for indoor growing (tent) I’m in veg stage. I know at some point, I heard or read that 5.0 isn’t bad for vegging. Should I flush again or wait?? @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan65 I thought I saw a thread, but I can’t find it


I thought you were in flower? But no 5.0 is not a good ph for soil. What is your PH going in? If you’re putting in 6.5 and coming out 5.0 that means the PH of your soil is around 4 or 4.5 which is pretty low. In soil you always want your PH to be around 6.2-6.9. How are you measuring runoff? Are you seeing any problems with your plants?


In soil, your pH should be between 6.3-6.8, with 6.5 being the sweet spot.


@Aolelon yeah but I checked that first, thinking because they were some older growth from the stem breaking could be causing it. There’s a leaf that is kinda crispy and curling. I moved the light over some so it’s not directly over it tonight


You should have a grow journal instead of starting several threads/asking for help across several different threads. It’d be so much easier to help you if we could find all your questions in one place. :grinning:


Agreed. Your light most likely isnt rhe root of the problem, especially on older growth. You should have no problem keeping the COB within 12-14 inches as long as it’s not putting off too much heat. Your ph going in should be 6.2-6.5 while in veg and 6.5-6.9 in flower.
If your runoff PH is low you will have to flush with 3x rhe size ofthe pot of PH water. For a 1 gal pot you would need 3 gallons of water. All 3 gallons of water would need to be ph 6.5.
Are you using a meter to test runoff.
When testing runoff are you collecting the first oz or two that come directly out or the bottom of the plant and using a PH meter to check?


@blackthumbbetty hey I’m trying, I’m still trying to even do this forum. This is first everything! I’m sure someone don’t mind helping me with over 30,000+ visitors a day. Just saying but ty


You misread my post. I’m currently answering your same question across 2 different posts.

I wasn’t being mean. You’ll know when I’m being mean. I was just trying to let you know that it would BENEFIT YOUR GROW if you put all your questions/concerns in one convenient thread.


Also make sure the last gallon of of water you flush with has a small amount of nutrients in it. As you want to leave something for your plant. But I agree, you should start a grow journal and post in that, that way we can keep track of your progress more easily and see what you have done already.


@Aolelon nope, didn’t know until tonight they made them and honestly I need one. I catch what run off I get as soon as I can but I check with the ph testing up and down stuff. So I should do the tommorrow during lights out or tommorrow night?


So how are you testing PH without a meter? What ph up and down stuff? Can you link it? I wouldn’t do anything atm until you can get a PH meter as what you’re using to test with is probably unreliable.



Those are nutrients and cant te ph. Do you mean this?

If so you cant test the PH with that, all that does is lower or raise your ph. Unless you have a PH meter you wont know what to lower or raise it to. @Jamie1234


@Aolelon ok and to do that I just start making post. I’ve been keeping a written one. Apologies to @blackthumbbetty if I offended you. I’m frustrated with myself. Ty all though


You would just make 1 post and post all your updates in that single post, just add comments and not a new post every time, I thought I seen a journal you had on here already.


@Aolelon I probably do but didn’t know threads were Journals…is that right?


You can make a thread a journal. Just start a new thread called my grow journal and any problems/updates you have would go in there by commenting instead of starting a new thread.

I highly suggest buying one of these. You cant know your PH unless you have one.

Also didnt you say you were trying to flower?


Yes @Aolelon


Well I dont really know how to help you. I am trying to understand how you are getting your ph readings. Maybe if you walked me through the steps on what you do I could understand better. Really buying a meter is a great investment


@Aolelon here a picture, ordered the meters it’s suppose to be here Monday

I add those ph checker drops in and test by color chart