Is this normal?

My plant hasn’t grown much if at all the past 3 days, this is like day 11 and this is all we got going on currently (link removed)

It’s White Widow does it normally grow this slowly?

She looks cute and from what I can tell she has decent color I’m just trying to figure out what you have it planted in…
She needs a good root structure before you’re going to see any substantial growth… when I get to the point where you’re at now using rockwool , I take my little rockwool cube with my little plant and I throw it in a cup of clay balls to allow the roots to stretch out and grab hold and after that is when I start to see good growth up top… :wink:

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Yeah it’s in Rockwool at the moment, I’m not sure when I should move it into the DWC 5gallon bucket with Hydroton.

I would move her into the system now… is this the first time using your dwc system and I’m only asking just to make sure you know water levels and things like that…?


My first time growing anything period hahaha,

My phone’s about to die so I might have to get back at you later …but first things first how big is your net basket is it a 10 inch , 6 inch , a little 3 inch …because you’re going to want to get your water level set one inch below your net basket and you might have to top feed a little bit of water for the first three or four days to get The Roots down into the water… I know some people will say just let the water sit right at the Pebbles an inch high or something like that but that could always actually cause damping off and drowning your little baby… so it’s just safer to top feed some water for the first four or five days once or twice a day to get the roots to grow down into the water if that makes any sense… also what was your plan of attack for nutrients…just make sure that they’re Hydro nutrients and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get some Hydrogard if you haven’t already… :wink:

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(link removed)

is the DWC kit, My nutrients are Sensi grow A+b and Advanced nutrient big bud for later.

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That setup will work out just fine …now I’m not too sure about the nutrients though you just have to make sure that they’re Hydro nutrients , are that can cause you a lot of headache down the road…
I’m going to tag a couple other guys to this thread that are Hydro guys and they do a kick-a#$ job and will have a lot of info for you also…
@Hammer , @ktreez420:wink:

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I bought that exact system when I first started hydro! It’s perfect, and you’ll love it. Very easy to setup and use. As for the nutrients, I’ve never used them, but I’ve heard good things about them. Any other questions just tag me!


@peachfuzz Am I on the right track? (link removed)

Got the water level about 1 inch from the bottom of the net and the pump is running as well.

You’ll want to add more hydroton to the net pot to make sure that stalk is supported and to make sure light does not go through the net pot and into the reservoir, this can cause slime/algae and problems.


You want to do exactly what @ktreez420 just said throw enough stone in there to cover that all the way …I usually fill mine all the way to the top of the net pot with rock… also I can’t tell in the picture but you do not want the rockwool sitting at the bottom of the net cup …you want some Stones underneath it as well and On Top of the Rockwool… so you have stones underneath and on the sides and on top of that piece of rockwool and just remember to go in there at least twice a day and top feed water from the reservoir with like a turkey baster or whatever you want to use , until the roots get into the water then they will be fine on their own and all you have to do from then on out as check your Reservoir and periodic maintenance… :wink:

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@BrotherManBill, and who ever else posted that link please remove it its not an affiliate of our forum

Cheers @peachfuzz and @ktreez420 for the help. Yeah it isn’t sitting on the net its on the hydroton.

@Majiktoker which link would you like me to remove? I went ahead and removed every link. Is there a way of sharing images on these forums that I can use instead of Gyazo?

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Save image to documents than upload :slight_smile:

like that? @Majiktoker

@BrotherManBill, iam going to chime in a little here.

make sure your level of water is 1/2–3/4 inches from the bottom of the mesh pot.

next find a small tube and carefully place it over the girl, and hold firmly while adding hydroton.

fill to 3/4-1 inch of top of the pot.

Then slowly remove the tube . @me if you have any questions.



and day 14

Not much growth especially at day 14, is this normal? Does White Widow normally grow this slow inside? It’s under a 300w Mars Hydro, which I think is actually around 140w. @Hammer @peachfuzz @ktreez420

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It’s normal. Different plants have different growth rates. Your sprout is generating more roots and focusing the energy there right now. Soon, she’ll start to take off, specially because you’re in DWC. Just keep your attention on the pH and PPMs and you’ll have a healthy girl growing huge in a couple weeks! I’ve been growing DWC for the past year and I absolutely love everything about it!



@ktreez420 is absolutely right … right now your plant is working on root development …once it feels happy enough with root development you will start to see plant development and then after that they will both form and grow equally… plants and roots… unless something’s going on or something’s wrong …but other than that it should be fine … :wink:

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